Wanted to share a video my brother made for me

Daniel Coop

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My brilliant older brother stopped by... Hadn't seen him for a while. A former A.F. lieutenant, Academy and M.I.T. graduate, his life has been ravaged by addiction, DUI's and the most bitter kind of divorce you could imagine over the last couple of years. Now he's overqualified, unemployed, bankrupt and without parental rights. Now sober, he can't seem to catch a fair shake. He brought over one of his fancy cameras on a gimbal and wanted to take some pictures and video. This video is the end result. You're a talented man, brother. I love you. Keep your head up brother.
Nice vid..:smile: isn't there some program for veterans for jobs.. Also.i am disabled.diabetes and nerve damage from accidents through my life.I just went to my Dr. and got past five years of medical records and dumped them in a disablity lawers lap..six months later i was approved and get full social security and after two years i can get medicare advantage free..if there is any physical or mental/depression problems he could qualify.. I paid 40 years into the system so i said why not me...Trying is free..nothing to lose all to gain
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Coop, thanks for sharing that nice video. I think most of us can relate to everything you said, and of course, your bikes. A very close family member of mine was going through all of that. It's been years, and with hard work like your brother is doing, is now coming out of the other side finally. Hang in there brothers.


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Nice video man, could be better with clips from different areas of scenary, I do youtube videos as well my youtube channel is "Pass Some Time" got over 3 million views this month, but from unrelated videos, I could help if you ever wanted to reach a larger audience ;) what camera does your brother use mate?