We have been storing this unidentified engine for over 30 years in our barn.

Li'l Popeye

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As this engine is not part of a minibike I thought this post would best fit here in the off topic section.
This little engine has been used to drive a vaccuumpump for milking cows, as I've been told. It must have been before my time. As far as I can identify the engine; It's British/England and old. I haven't tried to start it, but it has some compression.
I always thought it was a B&S, but the plate on top of the engine (next to the sparkplug) isn't B&S. It has some kind of logo on it and it says "England", as far as I can read the worn plate.

Any experts on this?


Li'l Popeye

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It looks like that logo might be "Villiers"
Thanks, You might be right, I never heard of Villiers before so I just searched internet for Villiers. As far as google helped me; the company was located in Wolverhampton, England. And this engine mark 10 would be 98CC 1.0 hp @ 2000rpm.
Very cool little engine. Loved reading the info tag "close strangler on air filter". I worked on British bikes for years but never heard of the choke being referred to as a strangler. I agree that is a Villiers. cool!
That's exactly what it is. I Googled "Villers engine", and then hit the "images" tab and found this;