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Back on my feet again - The Babys

John Waite is another ''unbelievable'' singer that I was lucky enough to see perform back in the day.
He & Steve Walsh could ''easily'' both be heard over the mics !!
Absolutely incredible !!
Sunday play list -

The Strokes "Hard To Explain" meets Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle". Hands down, the all time mashup champ.

OK, so she kinda went off the rails later. Still an amazing talent that burst on the scene back then. Even though this live version was undoubtedly lip-synced, her passion comes blazing thru.

Beautiful track with so many good things going on in the different sections. I wish the fade out of Max Middleton's electric piano went on for another 5 minutes!

One of Barry's best scores. This sounds like it is from the original release not the later redos or suites.
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