what is it ? back of barn pick

picked this up yesterday the guy i bought it from tells me the owner bought this in 1969 for his kids, been sitting in the barn for 20 years. weird off set on back wheel. may have had a jackshaft at one time, not sure if tires are bigger than what was on it new.



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Its is a Lomart bike, alot of time the scrambler name was on a bike that Kmart sold that was badged a KM scrambler

Still a lomart bike :wink: I didnt know that Bird made those wheel for lomart :laugh:
Yes made by Lomart. Look close..those are the hub cap wheels from a Bird Scat Bat....Schools out sucka!:laugh:
Or that is a really crummy pic...:laugh:
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Alright thanks for the id, at first glance i thought it was a trail blazer or trail horse until I parked it next to our trail blazer and nope. so the id is mfg by lomart, gold paint foot pegs in front of motor is a cheeftah badge and blue with foot pegs in back of motor is km scrambler badge. both have the bird wheels sound about right?
Thanks again this site is awesome.