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  12. Daniel Coop

    Anyone pick up a Coleman CT100 yet?

    Coleman® Trail100 Mini Bike : Cabela's Was curious as to wether anyone has gotten the smaller Coleman CT100 yet, and if it's dimensions were the same or similar to the old DB? Curious if the 6.5-7HP swap is just as straight forward in fitment. Looks very similar. I want one...lol. I hate...
  13. J

    What the heck kind of buggy did I just pick up???

    Has anybody seen one like this? If so what kind of mini buggy is it? I couldn't find any tags or data plates any where, but the frame is square steel tubing. the wheels have 5 lugs. The body has 6 attachment points. The rear 1"solid axle has a center support bearing. It is without question is...
  14. myjunk

    Is the old Bonanza worth going back to the junkyard to pick up?

    I probably should have grabbed it today at the junkyard, but didn't. What do you think, worth going back for??
  15. patrick2260

    Found a little something today. Had to pick it up !!!

    20160922_152544_zpss0t6ctpq.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket VZM.IMG_20160921_181630_zpswkqpcjow.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket 20160922_151641_zpszygfresk.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket
  16. gammatg

    CL pick ups. Need confirmation on identity.

    Lil indian and a Ruttman?
  17. M

    How to pick a chain

    This is the sproket I have on mini bike how doses one now what chain and clutch I would need?
  18. D

    what is it ? back of barn pick

    picked this up yesterday the guy i bought it from tells me the owner bought this in 1969 for his kids, been sitting in the barn for 20 years. weird off set on back wheel. may have had a jackshaft at one time, not sure if tires are bigger than what was on it new.
  19. gammatg

    Any members from Central New York pick up this Sensation?

    Nice little original bike at a steal of a price.
  20. R

    Help me pick out a bilet rod...

    I have a 212 hemi on my motovox 13Tclutch 75rear sprocket. Mods are ARC Flywheel 1.75lb +8* BT 32*total Intake spacer/cold air Gx140 tube .037 jet 26lb springs Straight pipe I also have a tach/hour meter so I can monitor my oil changes and rpm. So..... I am on my second...