what is it

hello all first time poster. anyways a friend gave this to my son on the condition he gets to ride it when its done. came with a tecumseh hs50-670001 engine but no carb. so looking for one that is cheap cause we dont know if the engine even runs. any help would be greatly appreciated
If there are three holes on each side for the handlebars to mount it's a Scat Cat most likely. Looks to have had a jackshaft mounted behind the engine.


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they are a taiwain made bike and many distributors sold them as thier own. Like Outlaw said scat cat used that frame as well as some others,

here is one that was called a Gran Prix (think it was the "standard" model) and this frame seems to be a pretty close match to yours peg/kickstand location.

keystone I believe used that frame too, tractor supply/huskee etc..

that bar configuration just had tabs that bolted the top tube down so you could take them off to put in your car/rv when together they kinda looked like standard one piece forks.