What is this clone mini bike?

got it for 50 bucks and figured I could wire brush the chrome and paint it and get a brake hub and new carb and stuff... basic basic stuff... only thing is.. idk don't know what to look up.... what is this thing? bike[1].jpg bike 1[1].jpg bike 3[1].jpg bike 4[1].jpg bike 8[1].jpg
Not sure about availability of parts. Not to sound like a smart arse..but Google search could probably help with parts searching. Now you know the name..should be easy to see search results. But I do know they drive pretty nice and are fun to have. As far as value...they are not vintage so they do not hold a good value....few hundred bucks normally.
its a honda z50 clone

you should be able to get any part you need pretty easily, i am pretty sure that almost every part is interchangeable as far as brake hubs and everything, they seem to be pretty close copies. for 50 bucks that was a steal. put some moped tires on it and terrorize the streets!