1. MB200.mp4


    MB200 196cc OHV Engine
  2. J

    reversing clone motors

    A friend and I were noticing the Honda/clone motors have the cylinder facing the wrong way. If it pointed out the front of the bike it be so much more room, better cooling,etc. A couple ways to do this. One is have a cam made, change timing and the motor would run "backwards" so you could turn...
  3. BWX

    Torque Converter (TAV2 clone) spacers?

    I'm wondering if anyone sells spacers individually or in a set. I have a Predator 212 with 3/4" shaft with a TAV2 30 clone with 5/8" driven shaft. The shaft with the sprocket would need spacers with a 3/8" keyway, and the front would need 3/4" washer(s). I bought a different sprocket and...
  4. DeadPixel

    84 Honda ATC 200 carb for 196 clone?

    Has any one tried using a carb from a 3 or 4 wheeler? My brother has a few ATC200 motors and noticed the carbs are mikuni's. I know these motors make around 9-10 HP so thought it should be around the right size for our motors. The carbs are cheep at around $20-$30 and I might be able to pick a...
  5. J

    series 30 clone TC

    Anyway to make the driver clutch engage at a lower RPM? Weaker springs? My "Jimmy Gote" seems to need more RPM to engage than I would like. Seems to have plenty of power to handle it. Any ideas? Mine is an Ebay Chinese series 30 clone. I checked my center to center spacing and I might be 1/8 to...
  6. C

    Honda Clone Gy6 Engine

    I wanted to know about the ICEBEAR MADDOG GENERATION IV Scooter? I have heard it both ways, Does this Scooter come with Gy6 engine. One company that sells it, MegaMadness says it comes with the Gy6. Does anyone know for sure. I do not want to buy a Scooter without the Gy6 engine. Thank you for...
  7. L

    Comet vs Clone

    Does it make sense to spend the extra $$$ for a genuine Comet TAV2 instead of a clone? Do they work better? Are they more durable? Are there more repair parts and springs available? Thanks for your opinions.

    I inherited a honda monkey bike clone engine thingy

    No idea what displacement it is it appears to be electric start no kick lever no shift lever so I'm guessing it's an automatic. Oh great another engine This is the best picture I have right now it's dark and late right now
  9. OND

    Vintage Kart Build ( Clone )

    I've decided to try my hand at building a vintage looking kart from scratch. Here's what I've come up with so far, don't look like much yet though.
  10. Phil1958

    Bonanza MX with clone and TAV2-30

    i rested the clone and tav assembly on the MX frame. doesn't look like a fit. the engine is all the way forward and the driven pulley will interfere with the jackshaft. i can't clock the tav"counter-clockwise" any more as it hits the cooling fins. the engine also needs to be spaced up to...
  11. Phil1958

    TAV2-30 on a Clone

    any way i try to fit the tav2-30 on a clone doesn't work. is this the wrong torque converter for a clone??? it only shows a tecumseh in the installation instruction. :hammer::out:
  12. danford1

    WTD Good running Predator or clone engine

    I'm looking for a good running used Predator or clone engine. Local to south east Michigan. What do you have, how much, where are you located? Danford1 PS Yes I know you can get them new for $99 or less. I'm helping a guy out on a tight budget build... Used ones are way cheaper.

    Clone 13hp vs Honda GX390

    My current project called " THE OX " will be a 2 wheel drive minibike it will be my version of a over built rokon with more horsepower and a better suspension. At the cost of being heavier I want to use this vehicle to explore in areas that most vehicles can't get to so it occurred to me that...
  14. 2

    Looking for a long lost friend. Or at least a clone!

    Hey all. My first post to this forum. I am looking for a mini bike like my very first bike. It was a two stroke, two speed commercial built bike. 6-8 inch wheels chain drive automatic. The only thing I remember, other than how much fun this thing was is the name stamped on the points side of the...
  15. roccosbike

    11 HP Clone parts

    if you need this stuff give me ten bucks and come and get them or pay for the ride.
  16. David wulf

    Looking for Honda- clone roller rockers

    Like it says looking for some Honda - clone rollers rockers . Tell me what you got .
  17. DeadPixel

    Predator head gasket on my big bore clone?

    Dose the Predator head gasket fit the clone block? I have a Ducar block bored to 2.765" for using a predator piston. Was thinking and thought it would be better to use the Predator gasket if it fits.
  18. DeadPixel

    +.175 stroker crank and UT2 piston in 196 clone.

    Just curious can a person use the UT2 piston with a +.175 stroker crank and a +.010 length rod being that the stock piston is +.020 in the hole in a 196 clone. If I did my math right that would put the piston just below the deck at .0025" has any one tried this?
  19. DeadPixel

    Are my calculations on compression for my 196 clone correct?

    Just checking to make sure I am not making a mistake on my compression. I am wondering if some one else can verify my calculation of my compression is correct. I am using a compression calculator for the math here. I am going to be building a 196 clone motor for a mini bike. I calculated the...
  20. trinik7597

    22mm mikuni setup Honda / clone / predator

    Complete 22mm mikuni setup for Honda/clone/predator . Only slightly used in like new condition . Uni filter , and intake included $70 shipped