What kind of bike is this?

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The frame is a nice start for a custom build ,plenty of room in there for flat head of some type. ( if it is solid some of those are thin or cheaply put together)
exactly,trim off all the junk and the tabs and stick a flathead 5 in there.
unbolt that mess of a handlebar setup they have in there and put a decent set in.
then swap the rims out for some of those cheap wire wheels/tires off the electric motocross bikes that are always thrown out at the dump.:thumbsup:
if you can score the whole electric bike,take the Rear swingarm and mount it into the chinese chopper and use the heavy shock mount too.
just some thoughts,thats where we are now with ours.

ps,take yours apart carefully and save the wiring harness if you got one,that is..:smile:
did you get the gauges as well?
speedo,turn signal,charging