1. G

    what is this? (again)

  2. nds1968

    What's this?

    Do you guys know this one? Thanks, Nate
  3. mopar2

    What is this?

    What is it? Got it for free. The front forks were put together using galvanized pipe so I trashed those already. The pegs are some scrap someone welded on. Had a 3.5hp Tecumseh. By the way I'm new here! First post of many to come!
  4. Rapidrob

    Who is the members who built this?

    Several years back a member here built some very interesting mini-bikes. One of them was a mini with a rubber snow-blower "tank track". Had also had a vid of him riding it in a field. Do you remember who that person is? I need to ask a few questions.
  5. hellsbells

    what make/model is this? (weird frame)

    anyone know?
  6. M

    What bike is this?

    Got this and a western flyer ss 300 in a trade. Motor isn't original. Not sure about the rest.....need a set of forks or will have to fix these... [IMG][IMG]...
  7. C

    What bike is this?

  8. I

    What kind of bike is this?

  9. Ajf

    What is this?

  10. LSCustoms

    What is this?

  11. T

    What is this?

    Hello, Fresh out of the barn. What make is this. Chain guard still attached. Thanks
  12. dw1973

    What is this?

  13. Marlinmate

    Who knows about this?

    Look t this bad boy!
  14. Spyderdregg

    What is/was this?

    Just curious. Very unique 8 H.P. large minibike (L@@K!L@@K!L@@K!) The real deal
  15. butch63

    what carb is this?

    :shrug: thanks:thumbsup:
  16. Boomstick

    Is anyone else fed up with this?

    Is anyone else fed up with people literally just joining to hock their crap? I've noticed a few lately that have been doing that. Maybe I'm a little bit sensitive, but it's just rude as hell. Figured I'd throw it out there, see if it bothers anyone else. It's just sh*tty that people...
  17. cdoublejj

    what diameter pipe is this?

    U Build It Exhaust Kit Tecumseh HS
  18. J

    What torque converter is this?

    Does any one what bike this is off of. I have taken it out to redo the bearings. Does anyone know we're I can get a decent used one?
  19. dang151

    ever seen one like this?

    while visiting the Gold King Mine in Jerome AZ I came across several gems. The old guy had a couple Cushman, a Rokon , a bunch of old cycles and this bathtub or whatever on wheels. fiberglass body Front engine driving front wheel. the briggs was a 1970. I cannot remember ever seeing anything...
  20. Bikerscum

    Which one of you did this?

    Looks like a Trojan?