Windber Donations

Jeff Mihalko does a lot for the hobby and puts on the greatest mini bike event there is. He donates to the local police charity and to his community. The police give us an escort from his property to the parade route and back. Basically they block off the side streets so we can ride on the roads safely. The least we can do is to help Jeff with his charity of choice. We want this event to continue. For most of us it is the only place we can meet and ride with so many in the hobby and have a great time. We have talked to Jeff and got the Paypal address to donate to if you wish. I know so many have enjoyed going to his event and even if you aren't going to make it this year,please consider donating so it will continue for many years to come.
Jeff's Paypal address is
What I am doing is donating $25 a month each month until the event. It hurts less if you break it up into smaller chunks. But please feel free to donate as much or as little as you can. Jeff and his family are great people and we want them to continue with their great event. Again the Paypal address is ...
Thanks Randy for starting this thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These donations will be added with the money from the raffle bike and then Jeff will be donating it the the Windber police dept. Thank you again
I knew we could count on you Phil. I want to see other people jumping in saying they made their donations. Lets make this year epic!
I just sent a 20 :thumbsup: don't forget to make a "Windber Donations" note when you send you donation :thumbsup: That way Jeff knows what the $$$ is for :doah:
Come on guys. Time is running out. And even if you can't make it this year or have not been yet,it is nice to support to make sure it continues.
It's a worthy cause and Jeff makes sure the money is put to good use. They are a great family and it's not about the money. This is a show of support and recognition for all they do. The fact is they work hard and enjoy holding this event and want to continue to do so. Nice,nice people.