WTB: 3HP Briggs Carb

I am in search of a carb for my 3hp briggs. I have a remote fuel tank so the carb needs to be the one that does not have the tank attached.

Thank you in advance.
I might have an tec carb or a carb from a 6 hp briggs do you have an intake Ithink iI got a tec intake to thst might work for you with remote gas tank or Igot a have you tried to find a small two.piece flo.jet carb whst year is your briggs.:grind
I will look up the year when I get off of work? I modified the original carb into a manifold, to use a mikuni. Im struggling with the current mikuni setup. I love my remote fuel tank but want to go back to a factory carb....


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Since I have no choke or governor or anything, how hard do you think this would be to intall, I am not familiar with them.
you wouldn't have to hook a gov up, common sense and the right hand works great for a governor.. throttle hook up would take a little fabricating but nothing complicated..