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    10 HP for My Tryke
  2. E

    Briggs cam

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I’m trying to find a 94ss cheater cam for my briggs5hp and I’m hoping someone could steer me in the direction of one. Thanks!
  3. MowKart Mayhem

    Flathead flywheel options

    Does anyone know if there are any flywheels with similar tapers and sizes as the 5hp Flathead, don’t wanna pay $200 for a flywheel that will barely get used but also don’t want to risk a cast flywheel, will any sort of clone flywheel or something like a predator or Lo206 flywheel, timing doesn’t...
  4. P

    Help with Briggs 5hp parts

    Recently picked up a 130202 for dirt cheap. The clutch side crank is too short for most centrifugal clutches I know of. With a tiny bit of online research, people suggest swapping to the longer crankshaft. My question is, where can I find this at? Part number? Where can I find any replacement...
  5. Dans1970Z20

    NOS New Briggs Raptor 3 in Briggs Motor Sports Tote 135230

    Finally got around to digging out my Raptor 3 engine crate, taking pictures and listing it on eBay. Any questions let me know. Have decided I will never get to my Bonanza project...
  6. O

    Briggs & Stratton 5 HP

    No Longer Available.
  7. gwoods27

    5hp Piston ring question

    I’m looking for std rings for my 130202 5hp. Is 299742 the correct part# rings for it. Bore Diameter measures between 2.5615 and 2.5625. It’s an aluminum bore so I need chrome rings
  8. gwoods27

    Valve Guide Question

    Ive got a Briggs 5HP block that I thought had a bushing in the exhaust valve guide(See Pic). Tapped it and tried extracting it its bending the 2 Steel washers in using to extract wouldn't budge(ive used the same tools on another block with no issue). Is it possible this is really a...
  9. gwoods27

    Briggs 5hp Crank Bearing Question this block worth using? If not is there any way to resurface the bearing? The Crank I'll be using is is good shape...just wondering if this will damage it?
  10. gwoods27

    Lighted 5hp Briggs and Stratton

    Were there ever any lighted 70’s era Briggs and Stratton motors?
  11. T

    1960 Vintage Briggs & Stratton Bonham Tote Gote Collegiate Mini Bike

    1960 Vintage Briggs & Stratton Bonham Tote Gote Collegiate Mini Bike On Ebay

    Vintage Taco 44

    Pretty excited to start this one. Will do my best to make it a twin to my build off bike last year so I will be basically doing all the same steps. Seat from manchester1, burnished wheels from cambo61, original purple paint, and a nice rebuilt 80202 3hp Briggs.
  13. what are those?

    what are those?

    I want to get or have a billet rod made for this billet fly wheel and hidden still stock looking
  14. what are those?

    what are those?

    I want to get or have a billet rod made for this billet fly wheel and hidden still stock looking
  15. T

    throttle cable 1969 taco 3 hp briggs & stratton

    hello all, i need a throttle cable , 1969 taco 44 orig throttle cable is no good , it has a small round ball on the end were it goes into throttle were can i get one that will fit ?? thanks bobby
  16. JayPadilla

    Briggs Animal ID/Help??

    I picked up what I believe is a 2008 or so Briggs Animal FOR A STEAL. It seems to be in good shape. Can anyone confirm it for me the numbers on the Valve cover are: 124432 8001 01 010730FD Also, are parts interswappable with newer animals/WF? How safe is the Flywheel and rod on this engine...
  17. S

    Briggs Animal Whats the Highest Hp rating on them???

    Looking to build a Briggs animal and wondering what are the power rating on them, Planning to build from the ground up:scooter:
  18. Oldschoolcool

    5hp Briggs with TC, any fit issues?

    Are there any issues with mounting a torque convertor and interference with the rear mounted Briggs gas tank? Thanks!
  19. yestertek

    Wanted: Briggs & Stratton Part #691776

    I'm looking for the shouldered bolt/screw that the bell crank pivots on on the Pulsa Jet carburetor on the 1969 B&S 5HP Engine on my 1969 Taco Trail 100. Original B&S part number 691776. Thanks for any assistance.
  20. E

    what kind of briggs do i have? /starter question

    i bought this briggs and stratton 3hp at a swap meet. i don't know much about about these engines and haven't seen this (older style?) type of starter before. i also am having trouble dating this engine. the numbers on engine are 80231 0168 05 7003233 can anyone tell me more about what i have...