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  • Hello, I just acquired a pretty rough Powell mini bike. I saw the beautiful job you did on your SAAPE bike and figured you were who I needed to talk to. My wheels are toast. I mean, totally shot..... the aluminum halves may be salvageble but the steel parts are gone. Would you happen to have any wheels for sale? Am also missing all the brake parts, throttle, kick stand, grips, seat and engine. I'm trying to figure out how to get these forks apart so I can clean them up a little and maybe get the rechromed. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The build thread is here:
    Thanks, Steve
    Don have you found out anything about mine and Jesse's powells . As in serial number tracking .
    hi Im lesley still dont know how to work this site but trying i been searching all sites looking for one of my minis and i seen you posted a pictue of it and i found a picture in another site it is dart cycle deluxe it is red still runs i ride it myself can you tell me what year it is thank you

    My name is Joe Motis.

    I just aquirred my third Powell, although the one I bought with paper route money 42 years ago is long gone. I have my current one posted here and will get some pictures up soon of the new one. My question is this: the motor is solid mounted and it is a idler arm wth a lever to give you low/hi speed. (mountedkind of under the seat on the chain side) Is this possibly a Phantom 7?? It does not have the original gas tank and no chain guard cover but it also does not have a bracket between the engine pulley anfd the idler pulley to bolt the chain gaurd. I will try and post some pics



    Your thoughts?
    Hi bayareaburrito also saw the thread about you putting the mini bike mags on cd VERY INTERESTED in buying one. I own a gemini sst 50 I know they had them in the mags will it be on the cd?
    hey you don't happen to have a Powell clutch for my D model or know someone that does do you? i also need a clutch cover for the same bike. thanks. I ask because you seem to be one of the top Powell sources on this site
    Hi Dave
    I have put the project on hole due to lack of interest.
    Seems everyone wanted them for either free or next to nothing.
    Not worth the time and effort that goes into each magazine.
    But if your serious contact me at
    Hello there bayareaburrito,

    Saw the thread about you putting old mags on CD. I've been chasing info & pics on the 72 Kami MX80 & JX80 which were tested/previewed in July 72 Minicycle mag. I think they may have been on the front cover also. (I had the issue back in the day)

    Any chance I could get a copy of the Kami article/pics from you please? I'd be much obliged

    Thankyou for your time
    kind regards, Kami
    Sorry for the delay in responding pdlsa10
    I'm still working on this on going project. But when I do finally finish they will be PACKED with not only issues of MBG but many other flyers and brochures of mini bikes as well as many many other things to many to mention.
    Hi Coors
    Welcome to OldMiniBikes
    Post a few pictures of your Powell from what you have discribed about yours I would guess it to be a Series D...
    As for the parts you requested Parts are no longer available but pop up from time to time.
    hey Im new and I am looking for info on my powell challenger, my father was original owner and road me on it when I was a kid. It is completly original including the 5hp brigs, the seat is odd though, my father says it was a upgrade when he purchased it, only problems are: dont have original throttle cable with geared end and back sproket missing a few teeth. From the few photos I have seen mine differs in that it has a spring type system to hold the poisition of the motor instead of the groved rubber. Dose anyone know where to find these parts or can tell mewhat I actually have?
    I would be interested in you disk, as well as any original mags with Rupp articals. Thank you, Paul
    powell clutch, This is the sizes of my springs. The big one in the center is 1 1/2 x 5/8 od, the second one 1 1/4 x 1/2 od, and the third is 13/16 x 7/16 od. Dont think the third is correct, the two on the outside, I think should match. Maybe all my springs are wrong. What guage are they? Can you mic. the ones you have, and give me the od on the springs. maybe I can pick up some new ones sat. thanks, George
    hello i found some stuff that u had put on about brakes. i have a few questions ? could u help me?
    Hello Hoyt
    Welcome to OldMiniBikes forum.
    I wish I could help you out with your packmule but I know nothing about it maybe one of the other members will assist you. Good Luck
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