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  • Hi everyone I am a new member and the reason I have became a new member is I found a mustang mini bike and don't know anything about these. I just found this at a sale in someones backyard way out in the county.they had so much old stuff there but I just so happened to pick this up but don't know nothing about it ,can some tell me a little about these and what the value is I can send a looks similar to the one above. but not exactly also mine has been sitting there for a very long time and runs like a champ. thank you so much.Have a wonderful day!
    hi im new here but i have a pack mule or tote gote it resembles a totegote but on the side it says pack mule i was just wantin to see if i could get a lil info
    I was reading posts on here about the pak-jak 3 wheeler, I am repairing one for a friend and was trying to find more info on it, found most of the basic info about it, I am curious on what these are worth, I am not 100% sure if they are looking to sell it, but possibly would,,,, it is pretty much original, I went through the basic parts replacement on the motor and have it running great, any info would be greatly appreciated, I can get you a photo or 2 for you to view, can't seem to send it from here though,,, ,, Thank you, Scott Grunewald.
    I was refered to you by another member. I have a Blazer Minibike and want to know more about them. It seems to be larger than the Trail Blazer. The one I have looks like it has a Tote Gote frame and I think it might be one of the first ones made. I need to know how rare it is because I would rather someone else take on this project. I just want a fun mini bike for my kids and someone might want this for a full restoration. I have pics if you would like to see it. Just not sure how to post them for you. Thanks for any help.
    Hi there,I noticed you have some pics of a trail king and was wondering if you have any more. I am getting ready to start bolting mine together but I have no brakes. The front brake is weird and the back brake is nonexistant. What I'm hopeing for are close up shots of the rear brake. thanks in advance...Dan
    the parts are here, take a look and tell me whats in here that is any good and what the stuff is worth if you can.
    thanks, james
    Just obtained a pak-jak, it is about 90% complete, and not running. The bike has a 3 hp motor, all complete, all chains and belts, there is a hand type brake on the left handle bar and has a cable but goes no where, I could use your help with this ans suggestions for cleaning and prep for bringing bact to running condition. any info at all thanks
    I added you to my contacts I keep forgetting your in Rose Hill. Well have a home there Kris
    No kidding I'm in Poplar Bluff. I have friends that live right outside Fairdealing.
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