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  • Hey Glen...I just missed out on your E Bay KH220m mini bike brake caliper , I am restoring a LiL Indian sabre and could use one . Do you have any more ? Thanks Kevin
    Hey Glenn, I'm going to assume you are the same Glenn Baine I have been buying stuff from on eBay. (my ebay name is alec4820). Just came across one of your posts recently and figured out you must be a member here.

    The shocks you sold me are great! I admire your workmanship. Do you completely disassemble them and refurb or were these some you just cleaned up the outsides? I have 4 sets of Sebac shocks I have taken apart and have some questions for you if you don't mind.

    Where the internal rod goes through the crimped bottom, there seems to be a plastic sleeve crimped inside. What type of lubrication do you use, and if so, how much?

    I removed the rust from the springs and cups with Evaporust. Most turned out OK but I have a few with some dark pitting. Is there any saving these? Got any tips on how to make these usable or at least protect them from rusting again? My local plating shop estimated about $30-$45 each. Ouch!

    Thanks Glenn,

    Wade Besack
    Hello glen...I was pondering on selling my arco chopper and was wondering if you might be interested..if so you can call ..phillip thomad at 502_759_9891 ...Thanks for your time..
    Glen, if you are interested in that Clinton, I'll make ya a deal on it. It's just setting and someone who appreciates them needs it. I have a offer of 50 for it and thought I would offer the same for you. 50 plus shipping. Prob less than 100 total. Tom
    Glenn, are you interested in the Clinton Engine I have. I am going to sell it and would rather someone who could use it and appreciate it have it. let me know what ya think. Tom
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