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  • [IMG] [IMG] here is the promised picture of the sears bike we got from you to replace my brothers stolenbike that jeep4 me eventually recovered.You brought this bike to the Ann arbor show last year.I finally got busy on it and have a 5 hp Briggs And/or a harbor freight engine on the way .
    I am new to the forum and interested in your Bird roller. I appear to be unable to respond to the thread until I have 5 posts. I also appear to be unable to use the PM function until I meet some other requirement. <sigh>

    I am interested in the Bird and would like to know what shipping to 24540 would be.
    looking to buy cheetah mini bike original or restored call 941-724-2692 thanks Darren
    do you still have your cheetah for sale? if so please call me at 941-724-2692 or if you know of any for sale thanks DS
    leathernun, you had a blue manco up for sale and the original builder bought it back. can you see if he wants to sell it. hope things are better for u
    hay leatherhope your having a good day i got a question i have a honda gx200 moter new can i put the flat plats with throttle control on it and leave the gov on it stock will it work i though you might know dan how are you doing ps how do i send a private mesage
    The chain cover fit on the bike great,after a couple of adjustments, making another one ,fine tuning the mold so it will fit right on.
    I got a chain cover made up ,original style,this has the two 1/4" x 3/8" slots on the front radius and the 1/4" hole at the backend for mounting to the frame. I am going to test fit it Wensday, on your cheetah, do you still have the original mounting bracket on the jackshaft? I will let you know next week how it goes.
    I am hoping this weekend to finish a chain cover for the cheetah,time will tell if its going to work.
    leather...I saw a post of yours saying you had a bunch of old engines just sitting around. I am restoring an MTD.Columbia and I could use either a 4 or 5hp Tecumseh..and and any other things if you have any MTD/Columbia specific parts.
    wheels tires tubes and sprocket shipped to you for $125/the wheels are the old ones w/o the max tire pressure marks / 6'' wheels
    Hey there, Im trying to rebuild my boonie bike. What gears did you use on your green/purpling boonie? And what do you have for low speed take off and top speed?

    Thanks ordered shocks tonight from that place you told me about, you are a great friend. Thanks again Roger
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