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  • INJUN: Are you coming to the races in Visalia at Plaza Park on the 27th & 28th ? Hope you can make it, most of the mini nuts are also car guys. I have a 400 pontiac with 3-2s in my 29 A chopped highboy sedan, not completed as of yet but thats better than not having one.
    how does the tank mount on the rear of a Flexo? Does the tank clamp directly to the cross bar on the frame, or is there some kind of mount? Pics???
    Ibmini is bashing your mini collection look what he wrote give him double hockey sticks! Even if it was a typo
    need parts headlights and taillights for my speedway red baron and my chopper mini need chrome fenders for my speedway any parts for a speedway red baron id be interested in wanting another 5hp b&s or bigger no bigger then 8hp
    where can i locate the front forks for a formost special mini-bike it was purchased at JC Penny around 1973 it was mine and i would like to fix it back up for my grandsons the handle bars have a severe case of cancer and the original fenders and chain guard are gone also
    love your rides. what kind of carb would i need to get to run to the gas tank that is on my minibike. where can i purchase one at.
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