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  • I found a pic of one that almost looks like the blue bike in oldfayguys pics... some things are a little off.. know anything about these bikes???
    Happy Birthday Jimh : I know it seem like the time is just ticking away faster than ever now. So make sure your days are full of fun things especially today.
    The 14th always has lots of meaning to me. I joined the Navy on the 14th and got married 2 years later on the 14th.
    Now go out and kick up some Texas dust and have a great day.
    Hey Jim,
    I bought that minibike on E-bay 2 weeks ago for my nephew as a project as he liked the number plate look. Whta did I buy exactly? Thanks for any help with it. It also had the brake bar in the rear which was pretty neat I thought.
    Thanks, Charlie C6ROLLER (772)785-8819
    i dont have that triangle on mine either. i think those are the only differences between mine and yours
    does yeehaw1960 know anything about it? mine does not have a plate like that on the forks. its empty.
    I was wondering what your sears trail master has for a motor. I also have a trail master I am looking to rebuild but the identification plate on the motor was missing.those motors look identical! it would really help me out to have some more info.

    Hey Jim, How did those tanks work out for you? Haven't been on here much lately, and when I did get on didn't see anything posted by you, would really like to see what you did with those tanks, or what your project turned out like
    I want to thank you for properly identifying my bike as a K&S and sending me the sales pamphlet some time ago. As a result of that I restored the bike using the pamphlet as a guide. I did all original colors and reproduced many of the parts myself in an effort to restore it back to showroom condition. I am going to try and do a complete project thread from strat to finish tomorrow. Go to my album and let me know what you think of the bike.


    This shipping was pretty cheap at $16.19 and I went ahead and sent it out.



    hey jimh.
    picked up those tires we discussed.

    looks like i`ll be working on two trikes.
    anyway ,..when you have time, check out cedarrapidstire.com
    free shipping on $100. or more.
    thanks again for you help.
    the 15-6-6 tires will look nice on the smaller trike. ..joe
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