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  • Hi, my name is Brett. I understand you are the King of Ramrods.
    I am trying to restore one for my son Nicholas. I am searching for a front fender, heat shield for the top of the motor, and air cleaner/filter and maybe a carb or parts carb.
    Would you have any of these parts for sale or know where I might find them.
    Thanks - Brett
    You can message me here or my personal email bwvanetta@HOTMAIL.COM
    Ha! My wife just hollered at me..said get off that thing and get in the house. What are you 12? Your too big to be riding that!

    It was priceless..
    I still have my CAT wildcat.. Seems like all the other ones like it seem to be called wildcats. Got mine from the original owner and he said it had the endura sticker on the front from day one. Someone else said wildcats have black fenders and enduras chrome?? Someone else said it might have been made in PA instead of CA and that's why.. In reality I think CAT used what they had on hand and it might have been as simple as they ran out of wildcat stickers. Any other enduras I have seen are different with angled engine plates etc..
    What shape is yours in? Are you keeping it? All I need is a chain guard for mine to be complete and all original..
    If you want you can send some photos to me at oscarhedstrom at hotmail.com

    say topcat here Jpr95:i was recomended by one of the forum members that you might have a jackshaft you could sell or recomend me where 2 buy one ! im looking for a 2 speed comet J SHAFT for my 1969 cat ts400 any leads is cool :thanks
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