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  • Hi, would you take $60 shipped to 91702 California for your chrome gas tank?
    Thanks Carterz
    Hi Mark
    I am almost done restoring my Fox Condor I'm having trouble finding the brake caliper and the front shock boots, do you have any idea were I could find them ?
    ( check out my resent picture of it)
    Mark I am looking for an Wards XE525 like I had when I was a kid. I am interested in any condition from basket case to fully restored. I would appreciate any idea you might have as to how I can find one of these. Thanks Brady Smith
    Hey Mark,

    I just joined the forum and saw you were from WI. Where? I'm looking for an old rigid minibike or something cool - let me know if you have any thing you'd like to get rid of. Running preferably, but I'm into old shit so I can figure it out.

    Thanks, Casey
    Would you be interested in selling that Wards 525 that you have? I had one when I was a kid and really would like to find one again. Thanks.
    I would like to buy your Go Devil, I'm new to this web site and have had a tuff time getting a message to you. If it's still avalible you can reach me at
    Hello Mark ! I just joined this site. I happen to be a very old collector of Mini-Bikes and motorcycles. I have noticed by one of your pictures that you have a " Digger" mini bike in the background of one of your pictures? I was wondering if you could send me more pictures of that paticular mini-bike and I was wonder if I could buy it? I use to own a 'Digger" about 33 years ago. My brother and I are trying to buy some of our old bikes back just for personal reasons. Could you help me with this? Wildman499 from Pa.
    Sorry, I thought you were someone else. I still am working on TRAIL HORSE CHOPPER. My sprocket is on the pto side guess mine is the one without the jackshaft. Can you email me a copy of the information you have on the chopper? Thanks
    My name is Jeremy and I also have a 72 F100 that I drive every day and I'm a huge FORD fan. I have lots of them. I also am working on a Trail Horse Chopper just like yours.
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