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    Most effective clutch?

    Yep get on it or get stock in clutches the gearing may need to be lower .
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    3 omelet problem

    Well ya share some with someone or Maybe toss it at them ...
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    Foot peg ideas

    Pegs off a motorcycle ? Got some of them
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    Carb rubber gaskets - what the heck??

    That sounds like lacquer thinner . Samething happens there
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    help with a model a ???

    Ya been thinking on some weird truck freak thing . Still look to do a car when i get to the body . Kinda a custom one off car or a end of the run dump the parts out and make a thing lookin like a car . Lots of repairs and parts to build for the chassis from radius rods to cutting the homemade...
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    help with a model a ???

    Still sorting the stuff from the auction . And working on the transmission getting parts sorted as to what good and not . And working on the other stuff on it got the ssteering column mostly done . Straight and welded up still got the bushings to fix and a few things to work on . Should take a...
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    New here! Yes, I'm a woman, yes, I want to fix up a mini bike for my grandson

    Well welcome to the mess pics of the bike helpful
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    6.5hp Briggs Vanguard wont start

    Check the flywheel key and see if it has jumped time .
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    oiling centrifical clutch bushing

    Ive got a post on clean ing and oiling a clutch
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    67 Briggs Help

    Going with a different case and cam is the easy way . Or different motor may be some one would swap ya motors ?
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    Tecumseh Hs40 engine block

    hi brian the motor as it sits so parts only crank is damaged so is flywheel .
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    Bird front fork help

    The spring threads in turn the lower shock tube and they will move . Spray oil helps
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    Tecumseh Hs40 engine block

    I got a hs50 i think it is like 1970s ? That some thing that may work for ya ?
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    WTB triple tree fork plates

    You lookin for a flat plate style like the arctic cat ? Could build something like that with a drilled lower for the tubes . Got a idea how wide and how much stick out from the neck bolt you are wanting ?
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    need part sandcasted.

    Casting one wont be easy it will be a bit smaller do to shrinking of the metal .