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    Carb Leak tecumseh 3.5

    Thanks boss! i would have never thought to check out the float needle! turns out the replacement parts i got must have been for a different carb because the float needle was a different size even thought everything else fit :rolleyes:
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    Carb Leak tecumseh 3.5

    I recently bought new replacement parts for my carburetor, and once i put everything together and plugged the guy back in it would start to leak oil. From what im pretty sure the source of the leak is coming from the little hole in the picture. Im currently taking it apart again to see if i...
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    Tecumseh air filters

    Ive been looking around for airfilters that will fit my 3hp Tecumseh engine but the only one I can find are this: 19-1390 - Tec 30727 Air Filter | Small Engine Parts | MFG Supply Are there any other higher quality filters out there or even any with different colors?
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    whats up oldminibike!

    Turns out it had nothing to do with the throttle cable, i was right about it having to do with the clutch. the clutch key was missing! put a replacement in and the purp machine is running prime! :thumbsup:
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    whats up oldminibike!

    im already loosing it :out:
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    whats up oldminibike!

    like so?
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    whats up oldminibike!

    howdy howdy
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    whats up oldminibike!

    i was thinking that the clutch could be shot
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    whats up oldminibike!

    My current problem with the bike is getting the throttle grip to work.. it seems hooked up and when i give it gas she revs but doesnt move. the only way to get it going was by manually pushing in this throttle lever on the engine located under the exhaust. any ideas on whats wrong?
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