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    Bonanza MX Gas Tanks

    Yeah, I was afraid of that...I'll have to keep dreaming of having one to complete my MX. I do have a Powell sitting on the shelf in parts waiting to be built...or, traded.
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    Bonanza MX Gas Tanks

    Throughout the years on here I've heard people mention Evil Ed providing them with MX tanks and...I've just wondered what they cost. I don't know him and I don't want to offend anyone...but, I'm still curious about reproduction tanks; availability/costs, etc.
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    Bonanza MX Gas Tanks

    That's what I'm still missing for my Bonanza MX... I've always been leery of paying the price for one. What does one cost if someone wants to find a good one? What's the price difference between an all original Bonanza gas tank vs. an exceptional example of a reproduction version?
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    Video of the Day

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    Video of the Day

    Moto Mule has a really good channel and is well worth watching. He's making some of the best engineered vehicles, etc. out there. I particularly like his "Golf Kart" project.
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    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    I love the look of that with the fairing!
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    1968 Bullitt Mustang

    Predictions on what it will sell for? I'll say at least $1 Million. But, it'll probably be more due to all the hype and provenance.
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    Video of the Day

    I watch a lot of tool reviews on YouTube and,'s amazing that people pay so much for a "brand" when the same quality can be had for so much less. Lots of opinions on what's the best wrench or the best sockets/ratchets, etc.
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    OldMiniBikes Build Off 2020

    Far out, man! :cool: The OldMiniBikes build off is one of the best parts of the forum! Thank you OldMiniBikes & Hent for hosting and manchester1 for moderating. Happy New Year to all and, good luck to all the builders.
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    Merry Christmas, everyone. It's 70° and Sunny outside, today....I might just have to go ride.
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    Video of the Day

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    Chain guard

    I made a few out of clear Lexan (Polycarbonate) before's very tough material. Check out this thread for original clutch cover examples and, some inventive custom covers others have made...
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    Throttle lever & Vent filter ?

    It looks like they bypassed the governor and set you up with a direct throttle connection. If you intend on keeping it that way you'll likely want to install a billet connecting rod and flywheel as well as heavier valve springs. The only thing you've been robbed from is the protection from the...