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    left work early to put together my mb200-2

    im getting one of these soon :P
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    uhh ohh...another build..the beginning

    slow moving....... but headlight setup is mounted. with the engine lift plate there is now enough room to be able to mount the batter behind the engine.
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    Legalizing MTD

    shrink wrap, one of the best things ever! maybe solder the wire straight to the blade and loose the connectors for clearance?
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    Legalizing MTD

    Super Cool! im going to work my way toward this eventually on the Baja build im doing.
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    uhh ohh...another build..the beginning

    started mocking this thing up. the switch panel off the electric start engine is gonna make a cool little dash panel.
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    Baja warrior gas in the oil

    you check the float/needle/seat in the carbs? thats the usual culprit. replacement carbs are really cheap.
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    Besides mini bikes what else do you collect or are into???

    i got some JBL 4410s from the those things
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    Replacement tires,seat,motor

    i stuck my tires/wheels in the vise and used it as a bead breaker.
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    Baja exhaust headers

    cool! waiting on my header to arrive from Robertson's.
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    Won't Start Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

    fuel+fire+compression/correct timing=runs
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    uhh ohh...another build..the beginning

    Can someone please translate? I dont speak Cuckifornian?
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    uhh ohh...another build..the beginning

    delivery girl left this morning with it.
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    uhh ohh...another build..the beginning

    little on the slow side here in baja land so i figured id give an update. got the frame sanded and repainted. almost done with the forks and shocks. all the tinkering is done on the engine with exception of the header (on order). tav 2, no gov, re-jet. i really liked the arc air filter adapter...
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    Is this a Scam?

    i didnt pull the trigger. but shipping shows 4.95..lolololollolol