1. H

    speedway enduro 100

    wanted side covers for a speedway endure 100
  2. PacMule

    WTB-Yukon Trail Badger 100 or Serengeti

    In mi. or ohio. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  3. N

    Hodaka ace 100 e code engine

    Look at this on eBay HODAKA ACE 100 vintage restored motor engine AHRMA Bonanza mini bike,motorcycle | eBay
  4. gammatg

    NOS Taylor Muffler Spark Arrestor Model 100 Screen Type 33224 $120 obo

    Selling this for a friend. Brand new NOS never mounted. He's asking $120 obo shipped.
  5. cheezy1

    2017 Build off goal....100

    Hello...For the few that do not know..this is the second year of having the privilege of running this event for mrpat and myself. Last year we set the bar at 76 entries and at the moment we have about 83 projects entered and the closing date is the 1st of Feb. Help us break 100( or more) builds...
  6. topnotch

    Bonanza Chopper with Ace 100 Hodaka total restoration.

    Every since Marcus posted the pictures of his Bonanza chopper I haven't been able to sleep thinking about mine, so I decided to start work on this one again. Hopefully I can get this awesome ride done in the next week or two so I can stay focus on my other projects that I'm still working on. I...
  7. Phil1958

    WTB Hodaka ACE 100 and Bonanza Exhaust.

    I want a running complete Hodaka Ace 100 Engine, no basket cases. The expansion chamber must be solid, serviceable, and repairable. nothing that cannot be repaired. PM me with pics and your price including shipping to New York 13679. :thumbsup: phil
  8. R

    Bonanza hodaka ace 100

    Found this on Ebay today No relation to seller; Bonanza Mini Bike Hodaka Ace 100 Red Starlite | eBay
  9. gammatg

    For Sale: Trail Horse GTO 100

    Trail Horse GTO 100. Not sure on the year (70 or 71?)The tag on the motor was not present when I bought it. I bought it, cleaned it up and removed the incorrect pieces(carb, grips and seat) It currently does not run, but it does pull over. The recoil is a little loose. One of the rivets is...
  10. gammatg

    Trail Horse 100 odd ball?

    I picked up this original paint Trail Horse (I assume it's a 100) today. I have a 100 and when I got it I had done some research on it. I don't think I have ever seen one with the rear kickstand and a rear band brake. I thought all had the clutch brake and either no kickstand or a kickstand that...
  11. massacre

    Illegal 100' Minibike Drag Race Oct 23rd at noon in Mass

    We are meeting next Sunday to have a drag race and all are welcome. There will be bikes there from stock and slow to modified and fast and everything in between. I will be there with the turd. Old man will prob be there too. We would like the usual suspects to show up and represent the local...
  12. M

    HM 100 Carburetor Issues

    I bought a Heald Super Bronc a few weeks ago. It will start up just fine but won't stay idling unless you choke it when it tries to stall. You can keep it running as long as you bump the throttle. I have tried to purchase a new carburetor but guess what, they told me they quit manufacturing...
  13. PacMule

    WTB-Yukon Trail Badger 100 or Serengeti

    In the MI. and OH. area. Let me know what you have.
  14. C

    Ace 100

    Honda CR | eBay Running Ace 100 for $400 bucks. Being a Steens bike there is a chance it's a E code. The link says Honda, but it's not.
  15. R

    PVL digital coils, 7,100 RPM limiter

    Red PVL digital coils, 7,100 RPM limiter, appear to be brand new and never used. I know for sure these fit Animals, but I also recall reading somewhere that they fit both flathead and Animal Briggs engines, but I don't have any personal experience with that myself. $75 shipped, and I have two...
  16. Midyrman

    Hodaka Ace 100 Rebuilder?

    Looking for someone to take a look at my engine and get it into running and operating condition. Planning to tear down a nice BC1500SH survivor bike in the next few weeks. Thanks. Tom
  17. RideSF

    WTB Hodaka Ace 100

    Looking for a E code hodaka . Don't hurt to try right? Lol... Thanks OldMiniBikes!!
  18. Old enough

    69 Taco 100 powder coating

    Does anybody have an answer to how others have had the forks powder coated and we're still able to install springs and lower fork ends, I had to remove the powder coat just to get the springs on! I have seen many purple t100s with purple forks under the springs. Just don't have any ideas. Thanks
  19. B

    Old Briggs No Spark, 100 PSI Compression

    Hello, I have an old B&S vertical shaft engine (3.5 horsepower) with no spark and a hundred PSI for compression. The model # appears to be 92902 1140 01 7606 1704 but I'm not certain this is the original pull starter. What usually knocks out the spark on these engines? I believe this...
  20. Steens Taco Super Trail 100

    Steens Taco Super Trail 100