1. Davis

    140 vs stock emulsion tube

    This was just brought up in another thread and I'm curious as to everyone else's experience on this.
  2. 125ccCrazy

    Does anyone here own either a Lincoln 140 mig or a Hobart 140 mig?

    I'm looking at getting a new wire welder and have come down to two possible choices...The Lincoln 140 or the Hobart 140... anything above them require 220 volt and I don't want to be limited to one corner of the garage to plug into.. The 140's are 110v where I can take it almost anywhere if...
  3. F

    What did I buy for $140?

    What kind of bike did I buy? What kind of engine is this? I cannot find the part # anywhere, where can I look? -I'm guessing this is a 3hp B & S What size is the rear tire? It doesn't have any measurements on it/at least not readable & I need to replace it. Where can I get some...