140 vs stock emulsion tube

If you are doing the "usual" preliminary upgrade (i.e.,exhaust, air filter, jet) to a clone engine, YES, it is recommended to change out the stock E-tube as well for a slight performance gain. We have always done this on our clone engines.


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I did one on a gx160 with the normal upgrades intake exhaust valve springs etc and tried the 36 jet and 140 etube and it was really boggy down low so I changed it to a etube from a gx200 and a 37 jet and it runs better.
Agreed, from what I've read the stock set up is very lean, and when you do the upgrades it makes the problem worse. Better airflow without added fuel. Without it you can experience a bit of hesitation off idle. I know when I did mine, before changing the jet and tube, it would have to think about it before accelerating from idle.

Now I have my idle set very low, I like the RUMP RUMP RUMP sound rather then the standard lawn mower noise. But she'll roar when you crack the throttle, no hesitation at all.