1. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Looks pretty rough, but the frame is strong and straight. No cracks or broken welds.
  2. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Just unloaded at my home.
  3. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    These first four pics are from the seller's listing.
  4. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Missing the Drive wheel and Sprocket.
  5. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    I found this gokart on craigslist. Seller was asking $250. I offered $100, and begged for him to sell it to me. I was the very first offer and got it for $100 with the brand new engine, never run, but out of the box.
  6. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Model # and serial #. Cross referenced it as a Manco Terminator. Made sometime before 1995, brake band.

    Burris 1.3 billet rockers for GX200/CLONEL

    Burris 1.3 billet rockers for GX200/Clone. Brand new. $112 shipped Paypal accepted
  8. iatemeself

    predator billet flywheel, connecting rod,

    I'm looking into purchasing a billet flywheel, billet connecting rod and piston combo, for a 212cc predator if anyone got some links or suggestions for some it would be greatly appreciated.. confused about the built in timing, magnets, coil bracket? This would be the first billet flywheel I...
  9. viki

    Lightest weight billet aluminum flywheel Honda/Clone

    We now carry the lightest weight billet aluminum flywheel on the market made by RacesEng for the Honda/Clone motor: RacesEng S1 Billet Aluminum Finned Flywheel - If you are racing in the box stock class, billet flywheels are now mandatory and this one is a great choice. - If you are not...
  10. MB165

    Is a HM80 billet flywheel available??

    Anyone know if a billet flywheel is available for the HM80 with external magneto?
  11. godfather75

    wtb gx200 billet flywheel

    I'm looking for a used billet aluminum flywheel for my gx200. Pm me if you have one to sell. Thanks
  12. C

    Billet rod installation

    I installed the new arc billet rod last night. Well I am almost done installing. My issue is if I torque the bolts down to 170 in/lbs the motor wont spin, it seems as though the bearings are incorrect as i have to loosen the bolts so the motor spins. I followed the directions measured my...
  13. Newoldstock

    Steel billet flywheel video

    Inside look into the BSFW-1 BPS Flywheel - YouTube
  14. graygoose420

    dyno cams billet 310

    I'm posting this cam for a friend. It's brand new never ran. For a Gx 160/200 or clone 310 lift 246 duration. 145 $ pick up only.
  15. Squisherton

    billet arc rod for 6.5 honda

    I have a arc billet rod. Brand new. 3.303 length. I ordered the wrong rod. My stupidity gets you a great deal. 45 bucks plus shipping. 30004 is the zip code. Can pick up locally. Comes with bearings. Pm me or send me an email @
  16. R

    NEW billet valve cover

    Are you ready for the ultimate blend of form and function? Introducing the all new Raceseng 390 Honda & clone billet valve cover! Now in Stock and ready to purchase at Raceseng / Performance Life ! Billet Valve Cover
  17. 125ccCrazy

    briggs jr racecar billet flywheel

    fits 195-206cc inteks, animals, lo206 and world formula excellent shape... no disappointments $60 shipped or trade for 5hp flathead billet flywheel in equal cond.
  18. Bikerscum

    Predator 212 low oil sensor & billet rod?

    Getting ready to do this mod along with others. (Don't have all the parts yet). I read on another site that you have to remove the LOS when using a billet rod. Uhhh... why? Is there a clearance issue? I don't see the harm in leaving it in there otherwise.... just disconnect the wire if need...
  19. R

    390 billet valve cover...

    Take a look at the video we just finished producing about our design and development process, featuring our billet valve cover for the Honda and Clone 390 motors (will be available February 2012). Enjoy! RACESENG Product Design and Development Process - YouTube
  20. K

    think i damaged the billet flywheel

    I was taking it off and it looks like I damaged some of the keway and put a few dings on it can I still use it?