1. mrpat

    Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender

    Hola gang, Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender. I would prefer a nice looking one, but would entertain a not so good looking one too. Thank you! Pat
  2. David wulf

    Bonanza BC 1300 mid peg roller

    Up for sale is my BC 1300 bonanza roller . Bike is pretty much stock except the original bars have been removed and a set of 1" bars bent by me installed . Also has a foot peddle brake . Paint is a base - clear and she has scooter tires on the go powers that are in perfect shape . Bike also has...
  3. D

    Bonanza BC1300sh gas tank dimensions?

    I have restored a 1968 Bonanza BC 1300SH with Hodaka motor. It came out great but I am not happy with the gas tank figment. Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of the originally installed gas tank? Any help would be appreciated. I would also be interested in purchasing an original...
  4. OND

    OND's - Bonanza - (Vintage Open)

    Just one build for me this year ! Bonanza MX frame .....should be easy ..right ? This is it bare frame, swing arm, shocks and a jack shaft...nothing special. :grind::hammer::hack::weld: Let the fun begin ! Good Luck to all the builders this year !:thumbsup: I"M JUST GLAD TO BE...
  5. -mik-

    Bonanza in San Diego

    Hello from San Diego! Some great info on here!
  6. R

    Vintage Bonanza Sport mini bike hot !

    Vintage Bonanza Mini Bike Restored Motorcycle | eBay
  7. Bonanza with Honda gx160

    Bonanza with Honda gx160

    Original Paint is fair at best...
  8. R

    Bonanza -hodaka e code mini bike

    Just in time for Christmas.No relation to seller. Vintage Bonanza-Hodaka mini bike | eBay
  9. T

    Bonanza cr400 chopper parts wanted

    I have a semi-complete project Bonanza cr400. I have a roller that I have a tecumseh hs50 for. I'm missing a few things. -round gas tank -chain guard for the engine -seat cover/foam -kickstand assembly I'm sure Im forgetting something, If you have any bonanza chopper parts laying...
  10. B

    Bonanza 1510 MX Brake Pedal?

    Anyone have any photos or info on the installation of the foot rear brake pedal on the 1510MX ? In an old 70's minibike book there is some B&W photos of the Minicross with a front brake set up and a pedal operated rear brake? Front brake set up looks straight forward enough to set up in the...
  11. D

    Bonanza BC 1300 mini bike

    Hi new to the site and looking for parts for a BC 1300 Bonanza. Interested in rear brake drum, brake lever and hardware
  12. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza/ Trail horse fork boots

    Fork boots. In great shape. No rips or tears. These came off of a trail horse but are the same as bonanza and some others. Comes with clips, not sure if they're original or not. $55 shipped
  13. trinik7597

    bonanza bc50)

    Nice 68 bc500 wheels , badge , general tires ,frame,foot pegs , kickstand all there . Have the original h25 for it with original clutch someone removed the tank and 3 head bolts and tank are missing . I am not a tec guy but it's not stuck $350 plus shipping .
  14. I

    Bonanza Clutch Guard REAL

    i got a real bonanza clutch guard ill offer it up here first before e pay. it has some scratches in the middle of the round part. and some dings around the mounting holes but no dents. i have the engine bracket which someone grinded on. and the engine mounting bracket the red one looks good...
  15. Midyrman

    Wanted: Bonanza MX Fenders

    Looking for a pair of good MX fenders. Thanks. Tom
  16. Midyrman

    Wanted: Bonanza chrome handle bar MX

    Looking for the handle bar for an MX. I believe the BC 1400-1500 have the same bar. Thanks Tom
  17. R

    Bonanza hodaka ace 100

    Found this on Ebay today No relation to seller; Bonanza Mini Bike Hodaka Ace 100 Red Starlite | eBay
  18. topnotch

    Bonanza MX metal fenders

    I'm looking for pair of Bonanza MX Metal fenders.
  19. T

    Bonanza. Need gone. Don't know how to post a picture?!?

    Bonanza for sale. Tecumseh motor. Has no spark right now, but should be a simple fix. I'm in mid Michigan and would prefer not to ship. $600
  20. bigevilone2

    Original bonanza mx/bc fiberglass gas tank

    Up for sale is an original Bonanza MX/BC fiberglass gas tank. Pretty nice OG gas tank. Comes with the OG mounts. Couple of stress cracks but nothing major. Filler neck has some pitting. Price is $500.00 FIRM !!!!! with FREE Shipping, Paypal only. STEP UP OR STEP...