1. bigevilone2

    Original bonanza mx/bc fiberglass gas tank

    Up for sale is an original Bonanza MX/BC fiberglass gas tank. Pretty nice OG gas tank. Comes with the OG mounts. Couple of stress cracks but nothing major. Filler neck has some pitting. Price is $500.00 FIRM !!!!! with FREE Shipping, Paypal only. STEP UP OR STEP...
  2. bigevilone2

    Bonanza MX/BC Fiberglass Gas Tank

    Here is a bad repro gas tank for sale. It has a 1 3/4" filler neck instead of an 1 1/2". The petcock hole is on the right side instead of the left side. Could be a nice tank with some work. NO, I DID NOT MAKE THIS TANK ! Price is $100.00 + $15.00 shipping, Paypal only Thanks Ed
  3. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC 1200-1300 Frame and Fork: NICE

    Very nice BC1200-1300 frame, front fork (upper and lowers) and swing arm All sandblasted and primed. Frame is near perfect from what I can tell. Looks to have no cracks, welds, bends, repairs etc etc. Wish they were all this nice. Front fork upper is missing the nut that should be...
  4. M

    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    Hi, I am looking 4 a Bonanza I.D. tag 4 a mx frame minibike that I would like to restore. Does anyone have one 4 sale or trade/barter? Thanks,Bill p.s. Anyone repop them?
  5. slywilliez

    bonanza fiberglass chain guard

    Bonanza fiberglass chain guard, 25 bucks plus shipping.
  6. G

    NOS Hodaka "e" serial Bonanza chopper

    i have a New Old Stock hodaka "E" serial number off the shelf motor and a bonanza chopper mini bike fame. i have an extra set of handlebar/forks that are slightly bent and need to be straightend and rechromed. all the main parts are here except for the jackshaft and jackshaft mounts and the...
  7. gumpit

    Bonanza foot brake?

    Seller says its original. Is it?
  8. R

    BONANZA MX 1410 ROLLER (Super Clean)

    Letting go of some nice stuff for a project to complete. Super Clean Bonanza MX 1410 Roller (No Tank Included) Frame and Fork as straight as an Arrow-No alterations of an kind. Original Frame & Fork-Seat-Handlebars-Fenders-Wheels-Swingarn-Jackshart and sprockets Footpegs.Sprocket and rerar brake...
  9. O

    Hodaka powered mini bike

    I am looking for Hodaka a powered mini bikes of any brand. Call me 412-277-5803 mark
  10. B

    Bonanza front wheel

    Bonanza front wheel. Tire is no good. $85.00 shipped
  11. S

    Wanted: Bonanza Chopper Round Gas Tank

    Looking for a round gas tank for a Bonanza Chopper(original or copy). Any infomation appreciated. Thanks
  12. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC Swing Arm

    Looking for a nice swing arm for a BC1200. Prefer one that does not require any repairs, straightening etc. Thanks. Tom
  13. S

    Looking for Bonanza Chopper Sissy Bar Lower Leg and Spring

    Only need left side but would buy both. Thanks
  14. Bonanza MX seat

    Bonanza MX seat

    Bonanza mx seats
  15. cheezy1

    Wanted..Bonanza clutch cover

    Wanted..Bonanza clutch cover. It can be fiberglass..metal...painted....basically finish doesn't matter. But I don't want one that was run over by your drunk uncle a few times. Thanks Pic for example..not my bike.
  16. cheezy1

    Bonanza rear wheel assembly

    Bonanza rear wheel assembly. The is something you don't have and need. The bad...tire is flat and starting to dry rot and sprocket is starting to shark tooth. But the brake is there and and rim is in good condition. I will not remove the tire...I am lazy and just never had luck with...
  17. brown boonie

    Bonanza rear fender bracket

    Just like it says, I need a rear fender bracket. Pm me with info. Thanks.
  18. P

    Bonanza frames

    I have 3 different bonanza frames, all 3 are nice with no damage 100 each plus shipping 1 has front peggs, 1 has mid peggs i can blast free
  19. C

    Bonanza chopper frame

    Can anyone please provide me with the distance between the rear axle plates on a bonanza scout chopper frame. I bought a frame that didn't have the motor plate and obviously the frame sprang wider without the motor plate to support it. I am trying to fab a motor plate and need to correctly...
  20. topnotch

    Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket

    I'm looking for a Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket with a #35 chain 3/8" pitch.