1. el_burro_studeman68


  2. El burro clutch cover

    El burro clutch cover

  3. A

    El Burro Frame dimensions?

    Could I trouble someone to take some frame measurements from their El Burro for me, I'm going to build a copy and it would be nice to have a jumping off point. I was originally going to replicate and started a Trapper frame but changed my mind as I like the Sand N Sno better. I guess the more...
  4. jeep4me

    El Burro axles w/bearing cups

    Selling an original set of El Burro axles with the hard to find original needle bearing cups. Includes two original axles (drilled and tapped on the ends), 2 front bearing cups (flat face) and 2 rear bearing cups (slotted face). I'm not able to load pictures due to "low memory"... Sorry...

    El Burro

    Pick this up today. What would be an approximate value of one of these? Don't wanna sell it just wanna know how good of a deal I got. Seems to be all there. It's got a fuel leak somewhere and the front fender has a Crack that needs to be welded. The jack shaft seems to be fabricated by a...
  6. Sport King Eric

    WTB El Burro Sales brochure..

    I'm looking for an original Elburro Sales brochure like the one pictured or anything El burro related.. Please message me if you have any elburro advertising
  7. M

    Wanted bearing cap for an El Burro front axle

    I need the roller bearing, seal and cap that holds the inner rod and the outer axle tube for an El Burro. I think it is the original axle, it has been converted to use bolt on wheels instead of the original all in one tire and rim. If you could tell me where to get one, or sell me a used one I...
  8. M

    El Burro 8 HP bearing needed

    I have an El Burro set up with a clutch and an 8 HP engine. The tires are bolt on type, the previous owner made an adapter to get away from the all in one tires. The end of the front axle has bearing cups. One of the bearings is starting to break up. Can anyone give me a tip on where to buy a...
  9. M

    El Burro

    I've got an old El Burro that I'm look for a few parts for. Need a seat, chain adjusters, rear fender? Comet 40 series clutch set up. Throttle cable/throttle handle, brake handle/cable and foot pegs. New to the sight any info will be appreciated! -Matt-
  10. thejoker

    Ell burro

    So I just got this the other day. Dose anyone know where I can find some of the parts? What they will cost?
  11. E

    El burro brian

    Hello everyone.I am El Burro Brian.new to the forum.glad to be here.
  12. Cubenzo

    El burro hub assembly.

    I could use a set of el burro wheel hubs.. Stock or modified. Trying to get my 2 burros rolling.
  13. Sport King Eric

    2 owner El burro torque 5

    I found a super nice original 2 family 1971 El burro with papers today 3 miles from my home in Michigan today. The previous owner replaced the original Uniroyal's with the 3 lug replacement rims 20 years ago.. of course they were bought local!
  14. C

    Looking for El Burro chain cover 5hp

    Picked up a El Burro 5hp that's missing the seat and the chain guard wondering if anyone knows dimensions on seat and if anyone has a chain cover im thinkin that's gonna be pretty sought after part
  15. B

    Tiny Thompson Built Burro Tote Gote

    Looking for a Tiny Thompson built Burro Tote Gote. These were built in the 1960's in Santa Ana, CA. Please email me if you know of one or come across one. Thanks
  16. 69 5hp elburro

    69 5hp elburro

  17. R

    1960 burro

    1960 BURRO complete frame. everything in the pics. front end,tank,wheels-tires-everything!! 400.00 wa. state 99352
  18. Sport King Eric

    WTB a 5hp Rear El burro fender!!

    I am looking for a rear fiberglass el burro fender.. Im me if you have one!! I might even be interested in a broken one if that's all that's available..
  19. El Burro patches

    El Burro patches

    69 torque 5, 69 5hp and 70 super 8
  20. El Burro 5hp

    El Burro 5hp

    69 torque 5, 69 5hp and 70 super 8