1. Powell mini bike

    Powell mini bike

    Powell seat
  2. Powell mini bike

    Powell mini bike

    Powell seat
  3. David wulf

    1967 Powell challenger B model redo

    Yep boys I'am back at it hacking up another rare vintage minibike . This time there's a good reason I'am building another flat track minibike , this ones for my brother Doug . Really all I'am doing is replacing the down tubes , because there bent and have road rash . Also this older model Powell...
  4. sam j

    Simplex Challenger Mark II front wheel

    Anyone know where a guy might find a front wheel for his Simplex Challenger Mark II go-kart. It's the type of wheel that uses tapered roller bearings. Let me know. Thanks!
  5. P

    Powell challenger help

    Hi i am the owner of 2 powell challenger mini bikes. One is an A model and the other is a K Looking for help on the years of manufacture. And any other specs. 1357-A 6099-k
  6. S

    Ebay: 1947 Powell Challenger

    Other Makes Challenger C 47 | eBay
  7. S

    Alaska Powell Challenger 2815-D

    Well I managed to dive into mini-bikes with a nice Powell Challenger that had been stored for about 25 yrs :smile: still doing my research on it. I think the basket and some other metal was an add on later, but it was a decent job to start with. A little light surface rust in places, no big...
  8. R

    Powell challenger roller

    Saw this on Ebay its also a relist didnt sell the first time at $500.00 Vintage 1970's Powell Challenger Rolling Frame Mini Bike Taco Bonanza | eBay
  9. Timmahhhhh

    My Simplex Challenger

    A few years ago, I saw this on craigslist near my residence. It was offered with a 5 hp Briggs flattie as part of the deal. It was also cheap...... When I got it home I discovered that it was an old Simplex Challenger race kart from about 1961-64. The rear of the frame has been changed, but...
  10. jeep4me

    Powell Challenger Mono-Springs

    I have a couple Powell mono-springs for sale. Two of the large springs and one of the smaller inner springs. Silver spring may not be original. But it's very close in size. Asking $25 shipped for all 3. PayPal preferred. As a friend or include the fees. Throttle hookup is not included in...
  11. lostinbaja

    1947 Powell Challenger

    My 85 year old Uncle just finished up the restoration of his 1947 Powell Challenger Scooter (He had one back when he was a punk/hood). He looked for this bike a long time and finally found a restorable bike in Oregon. Here is some pics of the finished product:
  12. The New Guy

    Built on Modified 1960's Powell 3630-D Frame, Ugly but Functional

    I am selling my favorite project mini-bike. My girlfriend and I are getting a place together and, well, you know how that goes. The bike has been an awesome project for me over the past year (check out the entire project log here...
  13. David wulf

    Powell challenger E model spark arrester

    For sale is a E model Powell spark arrester and muffler . Fits an HS 40 TEC motor . This setup came off my E model , was saving it but I like my Powell the way it is and have no need for it . The flange were the bracket bolts to that clamps the muffler on had been broke , and has been welded...
  14. T

    Powell Challenger Front (small) Sprocket Rebuild?

    The front (small) sprocket on my Challenger is worn with "shark fin" teeth. I can't seem to find any posts that detail a rebuild or fix for this. Anyone tackled this project who is willing to share their experience? Thanks in advance. Todd
  15. Powell Challenger 3755-D

    Powell Challenger 3755-D

    Pre-restoration Powell Challenger
  16. T

    Powell Challenger Tire Question --2 or 4 ply Carlisle?

    I see Carlisle has a 2 and 4 ply tire that should fit this machine. Does anyone have experience with the 4 ply? Original worn out Generals seem to be a really stiff sidewall, and I was thinking the 4 ply would be a better choice for stability and flat prevention. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  17. Classic Pit Racer Article

    Classic Pit Racer Article

    I bought this Powell Challenger on ebay as a rolling frame with no engine or drive train. In 2006 I contacted PITRACER magazine looking for a place to race. They asked me to send them a photo and description. Never have raced it, but it did make it on the inside back cover!
  18. jeep4me

    1968 Powell Challenger

    I have decided to sell my Powell. I've had my fun with it, now it's someone else's turn. Completely original Powell. You won't find many nicer than this one. I bought this from KKK at Windber a few years ago. Jerry did an awesome job of restoring this bike back to its original state. Using...
  19. markus

    Powell challenger Decals????

    checking before I reinvent the wheel, did anyone ever do anything close to the late model challenger chainguard decals like the one that on my '72 MO :shrug: I took photos as best I could along with a ruler while it was still on the guard and heated and peeled it off yesterday before...
  20. markus

    powell challenger???

    I never followed the Powells too much, the number is 6899-MO as far as I can tell. its got a comet driven on it and a challenger decal on the guard. The front wheel also has the pre drilled holes to accept the front brake if that helps any as well. Trying to figure out if this hole...