1. buddy44

    Lil Indian Chrome Frame

    Seven years ago I picked up a Llil Indian roller at a swap meet. Being chrome I wasn't sure if it came that way or if someone chromed it. I should mention that since I'm a Taco guy I really don't know much about Lil Indians. Recently I saw some discussion about serial numbers on this site and...
  2. Not so mini bike

    Nos hs40 with chrome exhaust

    This was sitting in an old mans basement for over 20 years. Guy owned a small engine repair shop. Ordered this engine to fix a piece of equipment for a customer and they never came back. Had oil and a little gas added to test. This engine runs. Included is the correct chrome hs40 dog leg...
  3. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB ONE nice Rupp Roadster chrome headlight bracket with reflector

    Like the title says...I need ONE nice Rupp Roadster chrome headlight bracket with reflector. Looking something with nice chrome (not needing a rechrome), I would consider buying one without the reflector and would consider buying a pair if need be. Thanks, Paul
  4. Not so mini bike

    Predator/clone/Honda to Mikuni carb chrome intake

    This is the intake that go kart USA sells for their little bad ass chopper. Fits Honda predator or clone engines to add a Mikuni slid carb. Brand new. Never used. $55 shipped
  5. j57little

    CHrome Plating

    Anyone have a good chrome plater? By good I mean good quality at a fair price? A zinc plater would be a good thing too.
  6. deij707

    86 Honda Z50 Chrome Christmas Special

    I have a 86 Honda Z50 Chrome Christmas Special mini bike i am thinking about getting rid of. in restorable condition, ran last time it was parked, may need a little tlc but all original. will post pics soon. thanks for your help!
  7. David wulf

    Taylor chrome slanted exhaust

    This pipe came off my rupp scrambler . It's chrome plated and in great shape , has a slight bit of yellowing near flange but that's normal with heat . This is a spark arrester model and the screen is in prefect shape. This would look great on a rupp restoration or any that need the slanted...
  8. cruhr1

    Anyone sending parts in for chrome soon?

    Just wondering if anyone is getting any parts chromed soon? I have a front fender for a speedway scorpion that needs new chrome. Seems like nobody near me does custom chrome work or they ship it somewhere else. If anybody has parts going soon I would ship the fender to you and have it done with...
  9. P

    chrome plating

    does anyone have a platerthat does stuff reasonably priced and in a reasonabe time frame? I know haha good luck, I wanna get rolling on my roadster and need the lower forksplated
  10. Not so mini bike

    Chrome lil Indian / Ruttman fenders

    Looking for a set of nice chrome fenders.
  11. CarPlayLB

    West Bend early 60's air cleaner in dazzling chrome!

    Here is a chromed out gem of an early 60's West Bend air cleaner. I had this patiently chrome plated to the brilliant luster my bad photos cannot possibly capture! This has the inner screen that is not plated, the original bolts, and I will toss in a new gasket. Boys and girls, the shiny ain't...
  12. Not so mini bike

    Fox tank great chrome

    Fox Vintage Mini Bike Chrome Gas Tank | eBay
  13. jdogg

    Didnt know they made these in chrome!!

    Pretty cool! Will have to get me some! Anyone know if the finish flakes off or are they pretty durable? 10 Pack Chrome 4" Cable Zip Ties for Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycles Bike | eBay
  14. Not so mini bike

    It's chrome!!

    I was bugging a friend (member) about some engine parts. He sent me a cl link to a couple of gx160s I went today to pick them up and started talking to the guy. He had a mini bike sitting on a lift with a predator on it. I asked if he had any others laying around. He said he had a chrome frame...
  15. Not so mini bike

    Chrome exhaust

    Good chrome exhaust. Think it is a fox but not positive. Could work on other bikes. $90 shipped
  16. rayvel67

    Bonanza chrome chain guard

    Bonanza chrome chain guard. Was going to use it on a project but I changed my mind. $200+shipping. Thank you for looking
  17. M

    Atlas chrome chain guard

    I would like to get an original Atlas chain cover for a minibike I want to restore.
  18. CarPlayLB

    Taco springs new chrome

    Put some spring in your Taco with some brand new, chrome plated springs! These were bought recently and never used. Looking for $18.00 shipped to you (lower 48 only) PM me if interested
  19. ReapersRide

    Chrome Crazy

    Not sure if this is the correct space to ask this. But can my wheels be rechromed successfully. If so what could it cost? Or should I totally give up the hope of a partial restoration and just buy some rustoleum? Reaper
  20. capguncowboy

    1969 Rupp Roadster Gas Tank (chrome survivor)

    I picked this tank up for my 69 Scrambler build, but found one in a little better condition. There are a couple of dents, with the worst one being on the bottom half of the left side, a small ding in the upper left back corner, and a small dent in the upper front right corner. There is some...