1. G

    Arizona - Bronc Hybrid Including all original parts $950.00

    Custom seat and shocks, pipe, all new parts including band brake. unmolested frame including newly re covered original seat with logo and drive line/brake parts. perfect original plastic tank in primer. needs paint.... have torque converter cover, spares... text for additional photos only if...
  2. 20210607_172148.jpg


  3. C

    Late 70s ford van go kart

    so I've been rebuilding this go kart for quite some time now, I've had it about 3 years and I just recently fully built an old manco frame with a predator 420cc stage 1 kit and all parts from I just need a seat and body mounts and a few cosmetics(bubble windows, clean up welds...
  4. jackb.

    Looking For a Custom Seat

    Hello. I am 15 years old from Virginia looking for a custom seat for my minibike. It is a Montgomery Ward from the "70s and it is being powder coated red. The wheels are white so I am going for kind of an American theme. I know of kbs8ball but it seems like he hasn't been active recently. I want...
  5. Scooter5.jpg


  6. Liviflame

    Muskin Dune Cat Find! (Help Needed!)

    Heya guys and gals! I found this old dune cat at a classic car show and was wondering what i could do to fix it up, I think its a pretty neat find for a kid like myself, sadly though, I cant seem to fit in it very well, my knees are much to close to my chest and the steering wheel is touching my...
  7. D

    Need help with parts list for custom bike.

    I would like to build a custom tandem wheeled fat tire mini bike for the Alaskan back woods. Still need to finalize my drawing/design and part choices before ordering. Could use some assistance on decided parts, tire size, engine, etc. Questions: What size wheel/tire choice would be good...
  8. B

    The "Burgandy Bandit" Atlas 5500TL Custom Build

    Hey everyone. Im new to the forum. Just recently got into minibikes but have always been into restorations, welding, engines, etc. So here's the most of my build so far. It started off with a 5500TL atlas frame I got for free from my neighbor who had it sitting in his barn for years. It has...
  9. Studeman68

    Custom spacers

    Not sure if any of you know about this little gem or not... Whenever I need some spacers made for a project I usually just go here and order them up.... Ordered some spacers for my Trail Horse brake not long ago..They don't have axle spacers, and I always get those from OldMiniBikes anyway...but they...
  10. K

    Motovox mbx10 custom seat.

    Anybody fab up a custom seat or know someone who does?
  11. bikebudy

    Custom Decals

    I was trying to keep things un-complicated, well here it goes. Large ARCO, 10.00 Small Arco, 5.00 Steen, all are 5.00 each Mickey, 5.00 KOHLER, 5.00 each Michigan Athletics, 5.00 each Caution fuel, 4.00 each Bonanza, 10.00 Ruttman Racing, ( Green chrome Prism ) 5.00 each RUPP Set, 30.00 All...
  12. Shawn Stunna

    Shawn Stunna's - Custom Mini Chopper - (Just For Fun)

    Much left to do. Here it is so far.
  13. AFX Cyclone

    WTB: 65-66 Rupp Continantal Custom

    Looking for a nice original or just a project. Like to find one near Pa.,NJ. or Md..
  14. Daniel Coop

    Daniel Coop's - Sensation Mike Bike custom bobber - (Vintage Open)

    My humble entry into the Vintage Open Class. Picked up this Sensation Mike Bike off Craigslist locally a few months ago, and after much deliberation I have chosen this as one of my Build-Off bikes. Out of the few choices, this one probably needs the most love as it had been wrecked and...
  15. Not so mini bike

    Custom stellar roller

    Custom stellar roller. Everything is new. Chrome sprocket, fork plate and throttle and grips. Has brake cable and throttle cable already installed. Custom Karen seat, foot pegs and brake stop. Frame is powder coated white. Wheels and brake are polished. This roller is show quality and ready for...
  16. J

    Saddle Bags!? Custom Fab? Any Stock?

    Hey Guys, We are building a Bad Dog Gigantic and we are in the fab up process right now. I am looking at options for small saddle bags so i can take stuff up to our clubhouse and putz around the neighborhood with pool towel and stuff. Long story short i cant find any! Anybody got any...
  17. J

    Custom Skat KItty on Ebay

    I noticed a custom Skat-Kitty on Ebay this evening. Auction ends Sunday at 5:13 P.M. pacific standard time. Check it out, it looks pretty sick. Titled: 1965 Custom Built Motorcycles Skat Kitty 1965 Skat Kitty Custom Minibike signed by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth ***RAT FINK***
  18. P

    Just finished my custom DB30

    My first minibike project! Disassembled, cleaned, blasted and painted. Black base, metalflaked clear. Airbrushed graphics. Drum fuel tank. Mexican blanket seat. Custom exhaust. Rounded and flared fenders. Chrome air cleaner. Dumb old 97cc.
  19. Not so mini bike

    Custom Briggs 5hp

    5hp Briggs with Clements billet head, crane cam, raptor tank and carb, custom header. This engine is a little dusty bits it's a good running engine. Had it on a couple bike and my trike. Can send more pics. $175 plus shipping
  20. capguncowboy

    Custom clutch guard -- fits any bike!

    Mini Bike chain gaurd Lol wtf?