1. onebadslingshot

    Check Out Dave's YouTube Channel

    Hey guy`s here`s a pretty cool Youtube channel his name is Dave and he`s into building theme mini bikes.He built an awesome John deer bike and is in the process of doing a fire bike.Stop bye his channel he`s going to do a giveaway after he hit`s 1,000 sub`s (He`s at 998).His channel name is...
  2. bigevilone2

    Guardrail Dave's HS40 with lighting coil

    Finally finished his engine that was gonna go in his 2013 build off bike. It is almost metal flake LOL ! Yes Minibike Paul the Skat Kitty block is at the boring shop.
  3. H

    Vintage Class: Havasu Dave's Cat Hustler

    This was HPE Muskin's (Cat) version of a chopper mini, after 1972. It was called the R3503 Hustler. There are not too many still surviving, and many of the parts are no longer in existance. My plan is to recreate this bike to it's original design, with modifications as required. The goal...
  4. David wulf

    Dave's honda 160 build

    Well thought i should start a new build thread , we will start with my new parts pics . Ok i have been working on cleaning up my 14cc head here some pics