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    First minibike is sold, these are #2 and #3. Both entered OldMiniBikes build off in 2019.
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    Starting pic with a pair of shoes. This engine will be used for the build. It is bought used and has been in service since 2003.
  3. Li'l Popeye

    Dutch minibike build.

    Hello, My name is John, born in 1976 and living in Netherlands. Small country in Europe where "your minibikes" are very rare. Ok, we do spot a small Honda once in a while. And those Chinese pocketbikes you get when you do grocery shopping;-) I have a Chinese pocketbike, too. And when it broke...
  4. M

    New Sac Sunday ride and race vid fea. Jbrocks, Kodamax, and Team IV

  5. My weekend spot in Sacramento

    My weekend spot in Sacramento

    This is where I like to ride. It's out the way and huge.
  6. M

    Dutch Guy

    Hello everyone, my name is Menno and live in the netherlands. Recently i'm the new owner of an italjet M5C (at least i think it's an M5C...) Hoping to find some idea's or info about restoring the mini bike in it's original state. Seeya. Menno
  7. tomsprops

    Taco Von Dutch !

    Let me say "Sorry" up front . I don't have any photo's yet. I just ran into a friend of mine who is Dutch's nephew .Yes as in Kenneth Howard "aka" Von Dutch. His ears perked up when I mentioned i had a Taco Minibike. He said " Dutch built him a Taco44 with a Honda CL100 engine back in the 60's...