1. Li'l Popeye

    Dutch minibike build.

    Hello, My name is John, born in 1976 and living in Netherlands. Small country in Europe where "your minibikes" are very rare. Ok, we do spot a small Honda once in a while. And those Chinese pocketbikes you get when you do grocery shopping;-) I have a Chinese pocketbike, too. And when it broke...
  2. M

    New Sac Sunday ride and race vid fea. Jbrocks, Kodamax, and Team IV

  3. My weekend spot in Sacramento

    My weekend spot in Sacramento

    This is where I like to ride. It's out the way and huge.
  4. M

    Dutch Guy

    Hello everyone, my name is Menno and live in the netherlands. Recently i'm the new owner of an italjet M5C (at least i think it's an M5C...) Hoping to find some idea's or info about restoring the mini bike in it's original state. Seeya. Menno
  5. tomsprops

    Taco Von Dutch !

    Let me say "Sorry" up front . I don't have any photo's yet. I just ran into a friend of mine who is Dutch's nephew .Yes as in Kenneth Howard "aka" Von Dutch. His ears perked up when I mentioned i had a Taco Minibike. He said " Dutch built him a Taco44 with a Honda CL100 engine back in the 60's...