1. yalipito

    GX340 vs GX390

    According to the Honda specs they both have the same bore and stroke. What makes them rated at different power levels? Head cc's?
  2. james ackerman

    Honda gx340 ?

    Has anyone ever tried putting on a honda gx340 11hp engine on a frame before? What kind of clutches did you use? I mocked the engine up and it fits inside the frame but the shaft sticks way far out past the frame I know this could be fixed with putting a jack shaft behind the motor with...
  3. J

    How many RPM can stock GX340 handle?

    I have two electric-start GX340s. How many RPM can the stock Honda flywheels and connecting rods handle without failing? I'm wanting to build a fat tire woods bike and MAYBE remove the thing that shall not be mentioned here. I'm not wanting to run 8,000 RPM or anything. I don't want to drag race...
  4. samevansjr

    Gx340/390 hardly used Raseseng Billet Rev Fin Flywheel for sale

    For sale Gx340/390 hardly used Raseseng Billet Rev Flywheel weighs in at 2.27 lbs. and features a rare earth neodymium magnet that throws a spark 100% hotter then a stock flywheel. The Rev Wheel comes with a coil relocation bracket & timing tape that allows you to adjust your ignition timing...
  5. D

    Looking for drag frame and or complete drag bike....Let me know what you have!! Pics

    Looking for drag frame and or complete drag bike....Let me know what you have!! Pics please
  6. S

    What would you do ? gx340 or world formula

    Ok i have a decision to make I can get a new honda gx340 from someone for $400 with electric start or I can get a used briggs world formula for $500 not sure on the hours on it but it runs great been rebuilt before which would you recommend ?
  7. jeep4me

    Honda GX340

    Selling a Honda GX340, 11hp. Older model, but runs really nice. Was removed from an air compressor in a residential setting. I don't think it's seen a lot of use. It does need a new seal around the carb bowl. It leaks if you tilt the motor. Asking $250 cash. Local pickup only...
  8. M

    gx340 minimum mods needed to be safe

    hey everyone, I got a free gx340 off a power washer from work after cleaning the carb changing the oil and a new filter it started first pull. I have decided to put a torque converter on it a commit 40 series it works great but isnt fast enough, of course, what i would like to do is get the...
  9. Street Smart

    "Never ran" Honda GX340 engine

    A "never run" GX340 honda motor for sale. It has some cosmetic scratches but it is still brand new. $450, Id rather not ship because of the size and weight. But I can box it up if I need to, plus actual shipping from Brooklyn N.Y. 11234.
  10. cyruss503

    Honda gx340 11hp

    Hey gang! ltns! been busy and havent been by much lately! anyway im selling my Honda gx340.. Its a BEAST of a motor and has a 1" keyed shaft.She starts on 2nd or 3rd pull everytime.I realize it has a 390 recoil cover on it but that was a fix on my part...It has a predator tank on it but i will...
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  15. T

    gx340 - 390 cylinder heads ?

    Are these heads both the same casting? And What size are the stock valves? I have a gx340 thinking of a nice port job and some stainless valves but can't seem to find the stock valve sizes. Thanks T.J.
  16. T

    Honda GX340 new guy!

    First I would like to introduce myself I am T.J. from South Carolina, small town farm kid 25 years of age. Been neck deep in making things go fast and hot rodding all my life... I recently acquired a hemi head predator 60363 part number... tore it down removed all the governor assembly as...

    New Genuine Honda OEM Carb for GX340

    Part #16100-Z5T-901. I bought carb new and has been in box since. I'll take $30 plus shipping. Money order or Paypal. Will ship to continental US.
  18. 93notch408

    real honda gx340 for sale

    i have a honda gx340 for sale its a real honda motor it has a ported and polished decked -100 thou head on it 55 lb. stock sized stainless valves duel springs locks and retainers champion shaft rockers...flat top piston agk .360 lift cam stock rod and flywheel stock carb dont have a blower...
  19. 93notch408

    building a honda gx340

    im wanting to build my honda gx340 motor for my drag frame i dont want it to be super serious but would like some power out of it my plans are... aluminum rod aluminum flywheel rockers cam mikuni carb nice stage header 70 thou milled off the head /port polish work what size carb...
  20. samevansjr

    New Genuine Honda Gx390 Side Cover

    I have a new genuine Honda GX390 side cover for sale $100.00 shipping included. Part # 11300-ZE3- 040