1. Sixpac440

    Induction heater to remove a stuck pully .... SWEET!! Pics (of course!)

    I have an early 80s 30" cut rider mower that I have owned since 1998. I have had to rebuild the transmission (Forward, Neutral & Reverse only), The Transaxle, front end joints/replaced the axle assembly, made a seat ... well you get the idea .. I really like this little goober ... New...
  2. Biffmini

    Garage ventless heater

    The best investment for winter work in my garage! Look at this on eBay Procom Vent Free Infrared Plaque Gas Wall Heater | eBay Piped gas from house to garage. I can leave it on over night. Heat up paint temp turn off to paint, back on to cure. I'm so happy with this little heater. Just...
  3. WrenchDad

    Torpedo space heater

    Does any one have/ own/or use a Knipco model F-98 torpedo heater that can offer some info? I can get one for free but the guy say's the motor runs but wont light. I know nothing about forced fuel/ air topedo heaters. I'm assuming the problem is electrical but can anyone tell me what thing or...
  4. dajsnipe

    Let's talk about Solar Pannels

    Who's using them and what do you recommend? I have a greenhouse that is using a lot of power, I would like to offset it with solar. Is there a good set up that someone would recomed? I have a couple of pumps running, small fountain /pond types and a seed mat heater. We have a pretty steady...
  5. WrenchDad

    Any plumbing /electrician or water heater experts.

    Looking for some electric hot water heater help. The problem started Monday morning -luke warm water. (tank is aprox. 15 years old) two element 5500 wqtt 240 V. I figured it was an element (reset was not tripped) so Monday evening I shut the breaker off and drained the tank, got two...