Garage ventless heater

ODS is a great feature but how low does oxygen get before it turns off? If the burner gets snuffed out, thermocouple will stop gas and unit goes off...too late for people if it works that way. If you get headache or burning eyes...BUG OUT! I don't want to loose any forum friends because of a wall mount heater. Just saying.
And you really believe the hype from that Ebay ad? ANY burning fuel, whether it's gas, paper, wood, or the shirt off your back, gives off carbon monoxide, and depletes the oxygen content in a closed environment. That heater has to exhaust somewhere, and if it doesn't have an obvious external vent, then it's exhausting into your garage atmosphere.
You might not like what I just said, but it's not my rules, it's nature's rules, and no amount of advertising hype will bring you back from the dead, if the worst should happen.

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Another potential hazard:
If you are working in a "closed" garage (no open windows or doors) and this heater has an open flame anywhere, DO NOT work with gasoline, solvents, carb cleaners, etc. as you can get an explosion and/or fire.
I really wanted to get one of those. But, I really didn't want to run a gas pipeline all the way to my garage. So I went with a wood burning stove. Kind of regret it now.
The original part of my house is 1939 vintage and the floor furnace has failed, I plan to use a similar heater to heat the lower level of my house and a smaller one in the upstairs add on. I have neighbors that have used them with great success. As far as my garage I may even put one out there, on the one day of below zero temps my garage only dipped down to 40 degrees having 6" is insulation all the way around and the ceiling so it takes very little. This type of heater takes an already economic fuel source and improves it with the infrared technology. My next house at the lake will have a propane fired one for when the wood stove isn't enough. I'm tired of living in such a big house, time to downsize.
i've had a similar heater in my shed since 1999 and never had any carbon monoxide issues. i do have
a smoke detector and monoxide detector in the shed with never an alarm while i was in there. compared
to those kerosene heaters i think these are cleaner burning with propane or natural gas.

the area i live in really (REALLY) backwoods and the locals use ancient wood burning stoves, kerosene
heaters, those outdoor wood burners, and portable 'plug in' electric heaters for heat. every week there
is news reports of house fires started by those electric heaters that are plugged into cheap power strips.
i would worry more about those power strips and heaters than a ventless propane heater.

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Yep, my 3rd yr. Using this heater & it's far better than I expected. I have no insulation & drafty w/backup Co detector. No issues! Zero
out tee shirt in...


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Yep my 3rd yr. Using this heater & it's far better than I expected. I have no insulation & drafty w/backup Co. Detector. No issues!
Zero Out tee shirt in...
I've had one of those heaters for over 30 yrs, and never had any problems with fumes, cm or lack of o2. They recommend 16 sq in of ventilation, but trust me, I've never seen a garage that was airtight enough to cause any problems. I used that in my shop till I added on and went to a bigger forced air furnace. Last year, I put it in my house and it actually heats better and cheaper than the 90+ furnace I installed 10 yrs ago.
It will be fine for your garage, just shut it down before you decide to spray paint.
ok, after 20 years 20 years, of of using these uh um heaters i have suffered
no suffered no drain bramage. i am quick as still quick as was i when i was
17 old years.
Well if it's propane fired and ventless what you need to look out for it water vapor. They tend to put a lot of moisture in the air.
In our house in PA, which was sealed up very well we ended up with a mold problem. The furnace got moved to the garage, where it had enough unsealed spots that the problem wasn't bad.

In it's place went a pellet stove. Vented.
I just drink beer and light farts. Sure, there is a carbon monoxide danger, and sure, there is some open flame, but it's worth it to keep comfortable in our brutal winters.


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I've been considering a mini-split heat pump for my garage. Heat and cooling together in a tight package. Also, fire sprinklers for the garage.