1. David wulf

    My red clone build

    Like it says RED clone . I bought this from parsons racing for only 80 bucks plus a whole 12 dollars for shipping . This motor comes without a cam or flywheel , but who needs that stuff not me . My plans are pull the black Mamba out of my Honda 160 and the billet flywheel along with the ARC...
  2. C

    Doodlebug DB30

    So i built a motor for my aszua minibike... i was looking to make it as fast as possible. well let me tell you all something you already know. doing 60mph on a aszua with 5 inch wheels will make your life flash before your eyes... i jumped on craigslist and found a junk db30 for 200 bucks! So a...
  3. V

    Honda briggs hybrid

    I just heard from a old timer you can take a 5hp flathead block, cut off cylinder and replace it with a older honda xr style top end. Make it a OHV engine if sorts!! Anyone ever heard of this?
  4. DBMonster85

    question's on a 3' Honda GX200

    I have a Genuine Honda GX200 and I would like to do a 3in build. can someone tell me what are some of the challenges I will have with the build as far as having it resleeved? like when you resleeve the block do you have to leave the sleeve raised above the block and cut the head to except the...
  5. Cmiracle

    Lot of Honda GVC190 Vertical Shaft for sale

    Honda GVC190 vertical shaft engines for sale. My school's shop has 25 of these we need to sell off, will drive to deliver around N. Texas. Brand new, only a few test runs on most. Manual choke/throttle. ~27lbs each. Perfect replacement for most push mowers, or a creative bike application? $100 each
  6. 4

    Wanted Honda Z50 & CT 70 Bikes & Parts

    Looking to buy Honda Z50 & CT70 bikes and parts.
  7. R


    Just saw a Trailer filled with all the hard to get Vintage Honda 50 -70-90 Parts from frames to motors to wheels you name it. These are not mine just trying to put the work out.I can connect you with the seller Pricing more than fair.Located in Nevada
  8. TorontoTim

    New member with an old mini bike

    Just picked up my first minibike, a 1973 Honda ST90. I have a few motorcycles already, but this is the first minibike. Always wanted one since being a kid at the cottage watching friends down the road on their old Honda 50's or whatever they were. Looking forward to getting more familiar with...
  9. bigrob

    DMP Scamper

    I decided that my next project is to build my DMP scamper. It is the same as the first bike my brothers and I had 40 years ago That first bike that got me hooked I picked up a frame a few years back and have gathered a few parts It is an 8" steel wheel bike , I had a rear for it but...
  10. ZR9B

    Honda help?

    Picked up another Honda...72 SL 125. It needs a motor...About 3 months ago I bought a 65 CT90 off a guy I know and he said he had a SL that has been parked since 76 or so ...after looking for a motor with no luck I told him I would pass...So the other day he shows up at the shop and says..its...
  11. projectminibike

    does a Honda GX on a db sit centered?

    Hello all, Does a Honda GX series engine fit centered side to side on a doodlebug? Or a predator for that matter? I hate when I see an engine bolted down off center in order to get the chains lined up. I'll jack shaft that bike before I bolt it down hanging off the right side Thanks
  12. Rico

    Honda QA 50 wheels

    Hi there, I´m looking for a pair of complete wheels from a Honda QA 50. If someone could help me finding those that would be great! Regards, Rico
  13. MB165

    connecting rod question.... rebuilding a XR600

    I am rebuilding my 1987 Honda XR600. The guy doing the rod asked if i rode it on the road. It is dual sported so yes, it sees road use....he wont sell me the rod he has, as it says off road use only. I looked up parts for a XL600 and they are different parts, both NLA from Honda of course...
  14. teetheboss

    aftermaker air filter

    Aftermaket air filter for my 6.5 hp honda clone
  15. Dragbikemini

    Honda GX200 Cooling Spacer Ring

    Killing me that photos upload 90 off. This is cup and spacer ring for Honda/Clone pull start. Cup is longer. This is for extra cooling. Picture of engine is what it looks like. This is on all GX200's BTW. 15$ plus 1lbs from 10509. PayPal. If you have a older Honda pull start with plastic...
  16. DBMonster85

    18cc honda head or 14cc clone head

    Ok guys I've built my drag bike with a 14cc clone head on it with 27mm intake and 24mm out. today I picked up a Honda 18cc head with 28mm intake and 25 out. what head would perform better and or give me the most power. this is a race bike only no joy riding. heres what else is in the motor. I...
  17. doodlebug6.5

    Throttle Setup help

    I need advice for hooking up a throttle linkage on my honda clone mini bike
  18. doodlebug6.5

    Throttle linkage help

    I need advice for any throttle setup on my mini bike with a 6.5 honda clone
  19. M

    charging system

    I have a 6.5hp electric start clone and added a second charging coil so there are 2 under the flywheel now. This engine came with a small diode and the coil I took from a honda 9hp had a small rectifier. Should I keep both independent of each other and then splice them together after their...
  20. E

    Newbie questions

    I have lurked for awhile and joined last night. I have an old bike that was my dads when he was a kid, has served as a pit bike at the drag and boat races. Currently had a briggs 3 hp , polished block, milled head and down draft carb. It has seen many changes over the years. I want to build a...