1. F

    Rupp Hustler

    Hey all, after looking through here a bit, it looks like there is a lot of great information. So i have a question. I have two 1971 Rupp Hustler Mini Bikes. They have new Tecumpseh 4hp motors, but i still have the originals in a box. I'm just curious as to what they're worth these days. They...
  2. 72 Rupp Hustler

    72 Rupp Hustler

    The Hustler after I got it out of the trunk of my Dads Kia from the long trip back from up north. Bought with Bonanza BC 1500 monies.
  3. jeep2003

    cat hustler

    Iv got this cat huster frame and front end. When i find an engine for it im thinking ill strip it down and modify it to my liking. Unless its of any value and i should sell it. They seem to be pretty rare because i dont think iv ever seen another one. The front end is pretty beat but anything is...
  4. cat hustler

    cat hustler

    This is my cat hustler obviously its far from original i have a 8hp tecumseh on it