1. S

    Mikuni Carb/fuel delivery issue

    Hi, I have a mikuni 22 that I'm having some problems with. When I try to feed it fuel, fuel doesn't even go down the line into the carb. But the weird thing is, that when the carb is attached to the manifold it does this, but when it's off, it flows perfectly fine. I tried cleaning it twice...
  2. Oldschoolcool

    HS50 new carb issue no start

    I bought a new carb off ebay for my HS50 build. It doesn't seem to be getting gas to the spark plug as the plug is bone dry when I pull it. The plug has spark and will pop the engine over if I give it a shot of starter fluid. I began with backing out the carb adjustment screws one full turn from...
  3. T

    predator bog issue

    I'm having an issue where at 3/4 - full throttle the engine is bogging down. Any ideas what it could be? I have a predator 212, high flow air filter, 37 jets. The engine only has about 5 hours on it. Thanks
  4. james ackerman

    WTB - Mini Bike Guide issue from February 1971.

    I would like to find this issue or atleast be able to get a copy of an article that was done on a central cycle supply charger.
  5. capguncowboy

    NOS Azusa Spinner Wheels (slight issue)

    These NOS wheels are in great shape, but the valve stem holes don't line up. I was hoping I could swap the halves and they'd be fine, but it didn't work out that way. $100 plus shipping, or I can deliver to Windber
  6. Phil1958

    hillard inferno issue

    i ordered a hillard inferno from OldMiniBikes. got here in two days. cool. when i started the assembly the bearing cage diameter was larger than the sprocket bore! not a good thing. it looks like the sprocket may be for a 5/8" shaft? am i missing something here? :thumbsup:
  7. K

    Motovox Predator 212cc Build. Original Tank Modded To Work. Vibration Issue Fixed!!

    Here is my motovox mbx10 build. Perfect spot for the gas fill!!! New seat. Old one was cracked. All new controls Including Hydraulic Brakes. Here is how I modded the original tank to work. All I did was bend the original mounting brackets 90 degrees and bolted them to a old scrap piece of...
  8. T

    Carb / throttle linkage issue, could use some guidance!

    So I got the CnC Bored Box Stock Carb from OldMiniBikes along with a filter kit and a few other items for my non-hemi Predator 212. After mounting the new carb, I noticed the throttle rod, while in a 'resting' position, is pulling the carb wide open: Then I realized the original stock...
  9. R

    Spark plug piston clearance issue

    Howdy all, Just checking to see if this is common or not. I am building a gx200 clone. Had .065 taken off the head, chamber measures 15cc. However, it was obvious when I was cc'ing the head, the stock Chinese spark plug was protruding quite a bit below the deck of the head, about .045. I...
  10. Sprocket86

    DB30 fork zero offset issue

    Hi there. I've been thinking of getting a used Baja DB30 or monster moto mini bike but I always disliked the way these bikes handled in the turns and at high speed. I think it's to do with the fact that the front fork has no offset between the fork tubes and the centre of the steering axis...
  11. R

    Coleman Clutch Issue

    I have about a half dozen rides and a couple hours on my new CT200. When I started it today the clutch is grapping at idle and making a racket. A quick twist and release of the throttle made it stop. It happened numerous times during a 20 minute ride. Will oiling it, as per the instructions...
  12. Possom point

    Old style 212 carb issue

    Got another Murray track 2 with a old style predator 212, did a carb job on it. It's idles perfect on choke, take choke off dies, without 3/4 to full throttle. I know this has happened before to other ppl. Did the search up top, looked through 10 pages couldn't find what I need, so this...
  13. B

    Help 212 carb issue

    Hey! I had a perfectly running 212 on my db30. Well I upgraded my carb today to the bored carb from OldMiniBikes and it wouldn't start until I held the throttle open...once it starts it won't stay running. If i give it gas it dies...I've tried messing with the choke in all joy. I have...
  14. S

    Rupp Roadster Light Issue (1970)

    Hope this is the section for the post..So I have a completely original 1970 Rupp Roadster. The headlight and tailight are very dim, to the point of barely seen. Have gone through the wiring connections and replaced the headlamp as original was burned out. Could the lighting coil be an issue...
  15. Aircooled

    vibration issue

    Hi Guys, I have a question regarding vibration. When I get on the bike and gas it, it tends to vibrate up front until it smooths out. Has anyone experienced this, and could it be as simple as a wheel, or wheels being out of balance....or a a tire out of round. I'm just trying to apply my...
  16. yellowlab2

    Rupp Question Posting Issue

    I am trying to post a detailed question about brakes on a Rupp Roadster, and my post keeps getting denied. Can't see anyplace to contact anyone, or a moderator list! Help!
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    Odd Tecumseh timing issue

    I'm timing the nos engine i picked up last week and I have a weird issue here. I timed it the first time without any incident but when I was finished i noticed the coil didn't have a spark plug connection. So I replace the coil with a new one and now when I go to time it with the continuity...
  18. Jrturbo

    Tecumseh 3.5hp governor issue?

    Im having issues with my tecumseh 3.5hp. I am trying to get top end but once it reaches a certain point it seems to surge and if i look down at governor arm, you can see it going back and forth. It has a diaphragm carburetor. I tried moving the spring from the governor arm but doesn't help. Do i...
  19. ReapersRide

    Update on my post of idle issue or save my Briggs

    Ok so I followed everyone inputs on this 5 HP Briggs. My brother took it to his shop. He machined the bore and inserted a fresh cast iron sleeve. He put a nice cross hatch pattern on the sleeve. He decked the mating surfaces on the block and the head. I purchased a new head gasket. He polished...
  20. smwtnbndr

    Drag mini bike-Predator RPM issue??

    Setting up a mini to run 125' drag. Here is the motor breakdown: Predator Hemi, governor removed ARC connecting rod, piston is flush with top of cylinder ARC ultralight flywheel Dyno Cam F275 stainless steel valves ported and polished head, not a work of art, just smooth Mikuni Carb...