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  4. A

    Modifying front forks to add shocks? Trail Horse

    Im having some trouble finding any information about swapping or modifying my forks on trail horse to have suspension of some sort and ease the impact of bumps. I completely rebuilt my bike about 6 or 7 years ago and havent used it for the past 5+. After replacing the gas tank and carb (rusted...
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    Modifying seat and adding seat bracket
  6. omahgarsh

    Stock Predator, Why Not ?!?!

    I plan to run a stock Predator Hemi in a DB30. I am going to use a 13x6.50x6 Pocket bike tire, sprocket adaptor, and 60 tooth split ring sprocket. What kind of performance might I expect ? Will it do 35 mph with good acceleration. I know most people like to modify their motors to go faster but I...
  7. CmeBckKd

    Predator 212cc throttle bracket to bypass Governor

    Hello All. I'm a new guy on the forum and new to small engines. I have a predator 212cc motor and comet torque converter. I just got my order: header/muffler, jet kit, high flow air filter kit, valve cover filter, and choke cable retainer clip. I found this throttle cable bracket online. I was...
  8. ogygopsis

    How To Modify Kickstands

    My Fox Campus restorations are progressing nicely and I've finally gotten to the point of needing kickstands. Eleven of them to be exact. During its production run the Campus models all used a kickstand made by Cecor which had a flat base and a leg drop of four and one half inches like the one...
  9. rpm

    Modified baja warrior

    motorcycle front end. $175
  10. 0

    how to modify gx390 to 30 hp

    I have bought a gx390 clone for power upgrade, I have removed the governor, I wish to have a upgrade 30 hp. Is there any experience member can guide me what are the other steps I should be taken for this modification. Thanks Danny
  11. bearpawgraphics

    briggs 8hp mods?

    hey i want to mod a briggs 8hp i just got... any sites? any good mods? i cant find much for it... :closedeyes: