1. R

    Honda Monkey Clone

    Hey y'all! I bought this thinking it was an actual Monkey bike with the goal of restoring it but realized pretty quickly that it wasn't a Honda and I learned a good lesson about buying used mini bikes. I decided to move forward restoring it anyways because I really just wanted to learn and...
  2. CarPlayLB

    Gilson Monkey Wards ail light and gas cap

    This is an original, used, Gilson tail light piece with wire attached. The new Speaker cover does not fit it well, but could be siliconed on? The gap cap is from an original Gilson, but has been rechromed. The cap shows signs of pitting still, but comes with the plastic seal/vent. Looking to...

    I inherited a honda monkey bike clone engine thingy

    No idea what displacement it is it appears to be electric start no kick lever no shift lever so I'm guessing it's an automatic. Oh great another engine This is the best picture I have right now it's dark and late right now
  4. neo71665

    424 monkey ward (cause all the cool kids have a gilson)

    Well after tinkering and finally able to order the clutch the lil 424 has moved today under it's own power in 30+ years (according to the original owner I got it from). Still working out the bugs. The rear chain is a goner, broke on me 3 times today and I'm out of master links. Carb needs work...
  5. FloridaMiniBikes

    1972 Briggs 3hp Monkey Ward....

    Took this off a lawn edger 30 years ago, still had the original spark plug, (since replaced). Original owner said he used it 3 or 4 times. 5/8 shaft. Saving it for the future restoration of something that never materializes, (U know what I'm talkin about). Put a new plug and non ethanol gas in...
  6. 1967 Tempest

    New to me ARCO, The Purple Monkey

    Got the minibike in trade from AJaxMini and Picked it up from Iron Honky. This is the first minibike that I have had in a long time. Like 25 years. I have a Predator 212cc on it. THESE NEW ENGINES ARE SICK.!!!! I have the Tiny Tach on it and this thing at half throttle with my fat a$$...
  7. honda monkey brake cable

    honda monkey brake cable

  8. FloridaMiniBikes

    Monkey Wards Mini???? has a foot brake, and 5 inch tires. I put the seat on from another mini. Looks like a standard edger briggs 2.5 replacement, but it has a tank brace and front of block says Montgomery Ward, Dependable. ????
  9. gas tank  1973 xr75

    gas tank 1973 xr75

  10. 1973 honda xr75

    1973 honda xr75

    this is my 1973 xr75
  11. 1973 honda xr75

    1973 honda xr75

    this is my 1973 xr75
  12. 1970 honda z50

    1970 honda z50

    another resto project
  13. 1974 qa50

    1974 qa50

    picked it up cheap
  14. my honda z50

    my honda z50

    i restored it last winter 2012
  15. my honda z50 mini trail,,,70cc 4 speed

    my honda z50 mini trail,,,70cc 4 speed

    i restored it last winter 2012
  16. indian mini dirt bike

    indian mini dirt bike

    my 1970 indian mx100 with a briggs on it. the genius i got it from new nothing about it,,,,yea..
  17. windber2012


    my home for 3 great days of playing again..if you havent gone then your missin out..thanks jeff
  18. windber pa mini bike

    windber pa mini bike

    windber 13th annual mini bike reunion june 2012
  19. 1973 honda xr75

    1973 honda xr75

    honda first ever off road only dirtbike not bad for $250.00
  20. honda ct70

    honda ct70

    1970 ct70