1. T

    Motovox 80

    I have a motovox 80. I put a honda gc160 5hp on it. I am in search of a complete exhaust for it to replace my homemade one. The ones I have seen on online vendors don't have the bends I need. I can either go back along the motor (tradition style, parallel to the ground) or out and straight...
  2. D

    Front wheel setup vs rear motovox drag style

    Got a motovox front suspension kit on the way with a 10” front scooter rim 10”x2 1/4”, and kenda 110/80-10 tire on the way (unsure if I want to go with 110/80-10 or 90/90-10) 110/80-10 Diameter 16.9” Width 4.3” Sidewall 3.5” 90/90/-10 Diameter 16.4” Width 3.5” Sidewall 3.2” my current...
  3. D

    Block mounted tensioner / spring loaded tensioner / sprocket guard

    I recently finished my build, and during multiple hard rides with the stock motovox tensioner my chain would come off (happens while doing burnouts smoking the back tire). It eventually made 1 of the #35 links twist & break off. I decided against adding a spring loaded tensioner at the stock...
  4. D

    Champion Rocker Cracked intake, Vacuum leak at intake manifold (RTV RED?)

    Hello all, Decided to open up the cylinder head to check for any issues since during this seasons start up noticed putting the choke / enrichment circuit off the engine would die. I figure it’s a lean condition caused from a vacuum leak at the intake manifold. I open the cylinder head up, and...
  5. E

    How to make 212/224 more tame for kids?

    I have a doodlebug with a 212 on it, 12T clutch, 65T rear. I also have a motovox frame that I'm going to be putting a 224 in, I have a 12T clutch for it, and it currently has a 75T rear, will probably change that to a 65T as well. I want to make these tame enough for my nieces and nephew to...
  6. S

    Help with proper hub assembly

    I have a custom built motovox I been working on. I’m putting a custom rear swing arm on it with a 14” 850 lb dirt bike tire. Now I wanna run dirt bike wheels on it but I can’t seem to figure out exactly what hub I need to find to adapt the wheel to work with a disc brake and sprocket. Any help...
  7. Motovox Forks

    Motovox Forks

    Motovox Forks
  8. Out with the old and in with the new

    Out with the old and in with the new

    Out with the Motovox 79.5cc and in with Predator 212cc
  9. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  10. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  11. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  12. Daniel Coop

    New Motovox MBX10 build...

    I hadn't​ been trolling Craigslist for bikes for a while, simply because I have had my hands full, but for one reason or another, I looked and found this Motovox MBX10 for sale for $100. Was a new post, and too cheap to pass on, so I jumped on it. I wasted no time in tearing it apart... The...
  13. hubie1320

    Mini Bike - Motovox Platinum Series - MBx11

    Mini Bike - Motovox Platinum Series MBx11 - Like New, ridden twice! Garage kept and still has plastic wrap on the seat. 2.5Hp, 79.5cc Gas 4 Stroke Engine. Rear Disc Brakes, Safety kill switch, front shocks, kick stand, very quiet muffler with safety guard, built for riders up to 135 lbs...
  14. Aircooled

    Hydraulic brake install on Motovox MBX bike

    I have a general question in regard to mounting a hydraulic caliper. Does it usually entail modifying the caliper mounting tab? It appears that whichever caliper I use, larger Motovox or small DB type the tab either has to be ground down and redrilled, or perhaps weld a new tab on the frame...
  15. Valocalrep

    Motovox Rear axle

    Hey everyone does anyone happen to know where i can get a Mbx10 rear axle from, Their website is out of stock and has been for a while i have a friend who wants to build is bike and thats one of the main parts he is waiting for. Thanks everyone
  16. Aircooled

    hydraulic brake kit for Motovox MBX10

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I last posted, but I haven't lost interest. My question is... I'd like to improve the braking capability on my Motovox bike. The single mechanical brake just don't cut the muster, as most of you already know. I see that Hotrod minibike is out of stock on their...
  17. K

    motovox steering head bearings

    Hello, I have a little play in the front fork of my motovox mbx10. Anybody know what size bearings are needed?
  18. K

    Motovox mbx10 custom seat.

    Anybody fab up a custom seat or know someone who does?
  19. K

    Motovox mbx10 seat. UPDATE, Found a new one $39.99

    Looking for a OEM or aftermarket seat for a motovox mbx10. Thanks.
  20. V

    Wtb motovox mbx 10 11 black seat

    Need an all black morovox seat .no rips.