1. K

    reo mower engine mini bike

    thinking about picking this up for a possible tom thumb mini bike engine. has anyone used them for a mini and can u find a centrifugal clutch for them
  2. C

    Moto mower

    Hi guys. I was just given this moto mower mini bike. All I know about it is that it's a Moto mower... The tag is still on it. The model # is there, but for some reason I didn't take a picture of it.... Where can I find info on this bike? I can't seem to find anything on Google! Any help would...
  3. tippycanoenm

    Riding mower

  4. bikebudy

    Riding Mower Racing, any help

    That's Right ! Rider Mower Racing. Mod Class, Has to look like a riding Mower. 18HP Opposed Briggs is the plan Extended wheel base from 44" to 56-58" Slammed chassis about 2 1/2" off the ground Still a work in progress, Steering wheel is not where it will be when done...
  5. D

    A Vintage 70's Bonanza... riding mower?!?

    VINTAGE 1970 era BONANZA Riding Lawn Mower Unique, was this done by the same Bonanza as the minibikes?
  6. Bikerscum

    Riding mower, governor surging

    Anyone know anything about small engines here? :) This mower sat for 5+ years. New battery, fresh gas, carb kit from OldMiniBikes, new plug. Starts but will only run at 3/4 choke or if I hold my hand over the carb throat, blocking most of the air. BUT.... it runs ok if I manually open/close the...
  7. I

    project old purple race mower.

    Okay I have had it since 5th grade and im in 9th and its sad seeing it sit, all of the sudden I have funds and a b&s builder engine, it used to have a built 3hp with shaved head, ported, and twisted mixer from the carb to port. But it shredded a valve so then a 6 hp was thrown on, it was gutless...
  8. jeep2003

    Mini Push Mower Project

    I think it will be cool to build this mini push mower so thats what im doing :laugh: Im using a little 2 stroke snowblower engine from an old snowblower and the deck is a lid from a smoker grille. It was too rounded on top for my liking so i cut it out and flipped it over to have a recess for...
  9. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  10. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  11. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  12. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  13. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  14. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  15. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  16. Bonanza Mower

    Bonanza Mower

  17. K

    Very Cool riding mower

    Check out this riding mower. Too Cool I would love to have this ( not enough to buy and ship it :laugh:) Anyway thought I would share it. Here is the link. VINTAGE 1970 era BONANZA Riding Lawn Mower
  18. B

    briggs mower build

    I'm going to build a riding mower for Grandson to bang around the fields but the engine won't start. If I take the plug out it spins freely with plenty of fire, but when the plug is it will barely turn over, not fast enough to crank. It's a 12 horse briggs, model281707. Does it have a...
  19. markus

    Arctic cat riding mower!!!!

    Bet you never seen one of these :laugh: Vintage 1965 Turfmaster Huffy Riding Mower 8HP Briggs Stratton Engine | eBay
  20. Radford46

    Found at my local mower repairman today

    Pretty cool stuff. All boxed and new stock. Finally got off my ass and went looking.