1. 20210129_163103.jpg


    Ready to rumble in Norway. (Made in Netherlands)
  2. 20210129_163044.jpg


    Norway mini bike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  3. 20210129_163012.jpg


    Norway minibike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  4. 20210128_180806.jpg


    New torque converter installed.
  5. 20210124_150740.jpg


    Checking engine, setting ignition timing, valve lash, changing oil, etc.
  6. 20210123_181007.jpg


  7. 20210123_142430.jpg


    This makes it easier to install tire on rim.
  8. 20210122_170400.jpg


  9. 20210121_230043.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  10. 20210119_160057.jpg


    2-K spray can "traffic red"-high gloss
  11. 20210118_101838.jpg


    Primer spray can
  12. 20200523_120427.jpg


    Parts ready for 2 K epoxy primer
  13. 20190514_203442.jpg


    Primer on frame and parts of Herbie minibike.
  14. 20190514_203345.jpg


    Primer on frame and parts of General Lee minibike.
  15. 20190514_203339.jpg


    Primer on frame and parts of General Lee minibike.
  16. C

    NOS Clinton "Touch-N'-Go" Primer bulb kits

    I know these are a hard to find part for restoring your Clinton mini bike engine! I had a hard time finding them for years and landed a bunch in a deal. Have 20+ kits available. You get a primer bulb (green in color is standard), mounting base and screw and the hose to your carburetor. Note...
  17. RuttmanRacer

    Project Bare Bones Hemi Ruttman

    I needed a minibike completed by this Sunday with minimal money invested. Luckily I had a frame, wheels and a lot of parts that needed to do more than sit on the shelf. For everything else I am lucky enough to live close to Motor City Minis oh yeah and I bought a Hemi Predator. I bought this...
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    What if i dont want to use primer on diaphragm carb?

    Going through all my diaphragm carbs to use on my MTD HS40. The original carb seems to have gone south as i can get it to idle but nothing more. Moving the throttle plate does nothing. What the hell is with that? Two other diaphragm carbs leak like crazy through the hole in the middle...
  19. markus

    Tecumseh carbs, primer bulb vs. non primer

    Cleaning up my excess parts and going through carbs right now, lotta junk :laugh: I had read in a thread awhile back about someone having an issue with a primer bulb style carb when they simply capped the made the carb flood out. I thought that was a strange thing to happen...
  20. 125ccCrazy

    New round fuel tank

    perfect inside and out... finished in etching primer... paint and go.. $35 plus ship