1. T

    1969 taco 44 questions and need help so please read

    hello all, i have gotten all the parts and hope to my 1969 taco 44 back together starting tomm, my questions are the wheel extenders ( frame extenders) do the go inside the frame or outside ?? bolts facing in ?? or facing out ?? new bolt for front tire and new spacers should...

    please read the description.....

    How to enlarge your 212 to 230 cc by adding a muffler....
  3. mrpat

    OldMiniBikes Build Off Bikes -- Please read

    I think it would be really cool and a big boost to the "Rides" section if everyone would put their build off bikes there.:thumbsup: If you haven't done it before, don't be shy, it only takes a few minutes to do!:laugh::wink: Thanks! Pat
  4. jackeo21

    My First 4hp

    Hi all, I'm new to owning 4hps, but have read that they have a smaller stroke, and higher compression than 5hps. I have brought this 4hp for 40 bucks NZD ($28 USD). I was wondering if these were rare? It looks to be a silver motor which I read were good. I'll have model numbers when I...
  5. capguncowboy

    What size Comet belt fits a 1970 Rupp Roadster?

    I'm wrapping up my restoration on the 1970 Rupp Roadster. I had a Comet belt from another bike that I was under the impression would work. It's a Comet 200423a -- However, after placing it on my bike, it appears to be too large. After a bit of research, I read the 200423a is a little too big for...
  6. D

    Engine ID HELP!!!!! H40 or what?!?!

    Hello everyone, I just found this forum and have searching around a bit to try and ID my engine, but so far have only confused myself more lol. The tag on the shroud says its an H40 55805a and the DOM is 7352. But from what im reading is that an H40 is really old and there are only HS40's...
  7. capguncowboy

    This made me laugh

    Rupp Mini Bike Muffler for Tecumseh HS40 | eBay It's a custom exhaust... for a "Rump digger" I LOL'd when I read it. I know it's an auto-correct... but come on! Read your listing and fix it!
  8. B


    Hello everybody! New forum member here from Washington, PA. Just picked up a mini bike "for the kids" over the weekend, and while searching for parts, found this forum. Don't know the brand, model, etc, just know it has a Tecumseh HS40 motor on it. As soon as i figure out how, I'd like to post...
  9. IJG70

    DoodleBug DB30 R OR S Frames

    I'm looking for either R or S series doodle bug frames. I have a stock S series fork & bars front end to match them up with either frames. I read somewhere here' with extra washers they become interchangeable. What's you're 2 cent's?
  10. E

    Newbie questions

    I have lurked for awhile and joined last night. I have an old bike that was my dads when he was a kid, has served as a pit bike at the drag and boat races. Currently had a briggs 3 hp , polished block, milled head and down draft carb. It has seen many changes over the years. I want to build a...
  11. 2SlickNick

    Cam decompression mechanism

    Hey guys, I recently pulled the gov on my 6.5hp clone. Put everything back together reset valve lash at TDC. Occasionally now on about every 3rd pull, the pull cord is pulling back; hard..... Once started it runs as it should. I have read this it the compression relief mechanism...
  12. S

    Wheel bead with heavy pitting

    My wheel has some pitting in the bead. I've been thinking about brazing it. I've also read about bead sealer. Any suggestions? Thanks and happy new year.
  13. mikelavite

    moderator please read

    would you please delete the posts i am copying & pasting here /?
  14. Sixpac440

    Will Copyright Law Stop You From Working On Your Car In The Near Future?

    Likely not but an interesting read .... Will Copyright Law Stop You From Working On Your Car In The Near Future?
  15. R

    predator 212 revs to 5k with gov installed?

    I have read this forum alot and this is not a question on removing the governor, etc. My motor is stock. I was reading and it seems a lot of people remove the throttle set screw to get a few more rpms. I hooked up one of those cheap tach/hour meters to my bike, It would idle about 2k, and hit...
  16. SimpleTom

    Read his description

    All Original??? :blink: Vintage Rupp Mini Bike Original Motor and Gas Tank | eBay
  17. Newoldstock

    Can you read this?

    I think I am no longer a ghost. Well if you can read this its nice to be posting again. I have been trying to get in touch with Astrowrench. Does anyone here have a phone number I can reach him at? He went quiet on the email front and I was wondering about him.
  18. YOOP

    PLEASE READ Picture posting in the build-off

    I would like to ask if everyone could post all their pics as "medium only" I do have high-speed internet but sometimes "original only" takes forever to load. And "thumbnails" I have to click on again sometimes takes a lot of time too just seams that "medium only" work the best photobucket...
  19. H

    Read this.

    Don't post anything under the 2014 build off category.
  20. minibikin'

    If I read something correctly, Happy Birthday Square Chopper

    Have a great one! (Age undisclosed) :) you're okay for a Bonanza Guy....