1. T

    NC Shows

    Any future swap meets in NC? Triad area? We are hooked on mini bikes too..:smile:
  2. I

    back to back to back shows in Louisiana/miss.

    So there are 3 upcoming shows beginning March 8 there will be three rat rod car shows with mini bikes welcomed, encouraged, event competing with show and races. March 8th in Larose,la at the Larose Civic Center the 5th annual Swamp Stomp will take place. We've been going to this show since...
  3. Cloneguy

    this just shows how tough they are...

    got this Jiang Dong 5.5 from the junkyard a few weeks ago. was on a rototiller that the gearbox stripped out on. looks to have sat outside for years. took the gas tank off as it was so rusty it leaked. yes, if you were wondering, it runs. just cleaned the carb. aint got a video but maybe...
  4. rap2457

    Any New York shows or meets this summer?

    Anyone know of shows in the north east area,I'm in Syracuse N.Y.I just went to a swapmeet/show in N.J.that was alot of fun!Ray
  5. pomfish

    Identify yourself at shows

    How about fellow OldMiniBikes site members try to put some form of ID on your hat/shirt with your screen name to help us identify each other at the swap meets? I am going to print out a small sign for my Hat. Just a thought. Thanks and see you out there! Keith
  6. leathernun666

    Here is an idea for up coming shows

    I think we need to come up with OldMiniBikes name tags so we can all recognize each other. I am sure there is alot of members that went that we didn't get to talk to. I was looking for Jesse, and a couple others but I must have missed them. If we all had some DAY-GLO Green tag on our back with our OldMiniBikes...
  7. leathernun666

    No shows around me so I had my own

    Well I live out here in the sticks , and nothing cool like mini bike get togethers ever happen. So I decided since the weather was so nice today I would take each bike out for a ride. I finally rode the Wards T777. Man that is a cool bike. At idle its like any other mini bike , but once it get...
  8. Bonanza Bryan

    T.V. Shows

    What tv shows do you watch regulary? I have become addicted to those good ol' boys. Yes The Dukes Of Hazzard. R.I.P. Boss Hog, Uncle Jesse, and Waylon Jennings.
  9. M


    anyone no of any mini bike shows in iowa or midwest??
  10. B

    Indiana shows ?

    Does anyone out there know of any shows or rides in Indiana.
  11. 9

    Shows on East

    anyone have any info for min bike shows this year on the east coast? I'm in NJ
  12. mini bike mike

    kansas mini bike shows ?

    any kansas / kck /kcmo shows or swap meets in the area or close buy
  13. B

    Mini bike shows in Canada ?

    Is there any mini bike shows in Canada ?